Working Efficiency of the Brother Cartridge and Toners

First we need to know how the image can form when being printed out. There are several ways to produce toner images on the surface of the paper. The first is the physical grinding method. The advantage of the grinding method is its low cost. However, the ground toner particles are uneven and the shapes are not uniform. It may affect the print quality. The second way is the chemical synthesis method: the use of chemical methods and the different materials form a spherical toner, fixing the image. The spherical carbon powder is of high charge, low melting point, delicate uniform and easy to print high Quality documents. This process is currently more popular other than carbon powder, which is a biological toner. And there are raw materials in the toner containing a certain percentage of bio-resin, which can save energy and oil, and improved biodegradability. This is for sure more conducive to environmental protection.

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By contrast, we can easily find that the toner production process has a very big impact on print quality, and chemical synthesis of spherical toner became more closely to form a better image. As the toner is arranged irregularly, it can also affect print quality. In formal document printing, the quality requirements of users generally are higher, so we recommend the Brother toner to you.

Pay attention to the long-term average performance of your brother toners! In the past when working for the group company, some purchasing newcomers bought a low-cost cartridge, and then give the reasons justifiably, “You see, it prints out the same effects?” Come on please look at the long-term effects. At the very beginning, they all feel the same. But after some time, you will find that long-term uses do matter.

Focused on efficiency, you are very concerned about the cost of time! Printer is an office appliance, due to improper use or service life, some failure is inevitable, then the follow-up to prevent the use and maintenance is inevitable, either. Although being inevitable, we can still control and reduce its losses, including the loss of money and time costs. A call can in a short time bring the staff to troubleshoot, bringing more than just the feeling of relieving, more efficiency.

Finally, take a look at the customer review: Great toner product even better for the price. I read all the other reviews and noted that some reported the print was not as “dark”. I haven’t seen any evidence of this so far. I have changed my toner cartridge many times, using factory replacements. I felt some trepidation while installing this cartridge knowing I bought two of the V4INK cartridges for less than one of the name brand cartridges. After getting it installed and running the very first page (a full page of print mind you), I should have taken a ‘selfie’ to capture the big smile on my face. Even if the other cartridge is no good (I bought a 2-pack), I am still money ahead. I will only buy these from now on. Thank you V4INK.

Another customer review: I was skeptical at first due to the price. Printed almost 800 pages for a car show without any issues. No smearing and the color is as dark on the first page as it is on the last. No fading at all. I’ buying more.

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