What is “No chip” and “With chip”?

v4ink CF258A compatible toner

How do I know if the toner cartridge I purchased has a chip or not? Do they make sense to the printer? How can I use the “No-chip” product?…

We received these questions from our presale-customer on and on, and hereby we would like to make a concise introduction, and also give some tips to our v4ink followers for picking the correct compatible toner cartridge without further concerns.


Precisely speaking, “No-chip” means toner cartridge doesn’t have a smart chip inlayed on it, whereas “With chip” can be defined as the chip-built-in one.

At present, No-chip compatible toner could be itemized the following models:

CF258A, CF258X, 414A, 414X, 215A, 206A, 206X, 134A and 134X

(OEM toner cartridge of above models originally contains the chip inside. Some sellers recycle the used OEM toner and remanufacture them for reuse.)

Chip photo

Prerequisite for using No-chip & With-chip toner

By way of illustration, we’ll refer to v4ink CF258A No-chip toner and CF258A with-chip toner (Also applicable for below paradigms)

To use No-chip CF258A toner:  


1. An OEM chip or OEM CF258A toner is demanded. 2. A custom-made tool (Included in the package) and a hammer (Not offered).

5-min chip-installation guidelines:

Below video unveils v4ink’s exclusive methodical approach

To use CF258A remanufactured  & with-chip version toner: 

Skip the chip-installation steps, and just place the toner cartridge into the printer as always.

Suitable printer model

Both with-chip and no-chip toner (after accomplished aforesaid chip-installation process) fits the same model printer.

e.g. CF258A toner is compatible with HP Pro M404n, M404dn, M404dw, Pro MFP M428fdw M428fdn Printer; HP Enterprise M430f M406dn Printer, only if the toner is implanted with the chip.

How the chip works

A chip is a must-have for some compatible printers to recognize the cartridge itself for the purpose of printing performance as well as normal functioning. The smart chip is being encoded to connect the existing system of the printer, archiving the toner level permanently. When the chip malfunctions, PC and printer will report the issue through a message to point out the poor connection. Regarding the compatible or remanufactured toner inlayed with the OEM chip, an issue like LCD stating “Cartridge Low” is basically a volume record from the original cartridge.

In response, users can restore that error by simple inspection: 1. Make sure the chip is intact, and re-install the toner cartridge. 2. Confirm the volume and replace the exhausted toner. 3. Skip out the error by opting for “Ok” button. 4. Chip are supposed to be installed in the exact position (For chip-reset toner only)

Reset the chip

Equipment: A resilient cushion is laid at the bottom of the chip slot.

Method: Slightly press the rim of the cushion; insert the chip in a designated direction with reference to the pic pasted aside.

Inspection: Double-check the chip’s position; Chip ought to line up with the middle plastic ridge.

v4ink correct chip-installation position

Quality assurance

V4ink compatible no-chip toner and remanufactured toner perform as well as the original toner does. They conform to ISO/IEC19752 criterion, being examined by covering color hue, lifespan, firmness, dropping, and temperature. Those make them excel in yielding out fixed and sharp printouts.

Article source: https://www.v4ink.com/What-is-No-chip-and-With-chip

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