What are the Factors Causing the Huge Price Difference of Printers?

Printer is one of the output devices of computer, which is used to print the results of computer processing on related media. V4ink tell us: There are three indicators of printer quality: print resolution, printing speed and noise. There are many types of printers, according to whether the printing elements of the paper hitting action, hitting printers and non-hitting printers. According to the structure of printed characters, it is divided into holomorphic printer and dot matrix character printer. According to the way a line of paper is formed on paper, it is divided into serial printer and line printer. According to the adopted technology, it is divided into cylindrical, spherical, inkjet, heat-sensitive, laser, electrostatic, magnetic, light-emitting diode and other printers.

The price difference between printers
Inkjet printers usually cost $50 – $100.
The price of laser printers is around $150.
The price of pin printer is $200 – $400.
Color laser printers ranged from $200 – $1000.

Why there are such huge price difference between printers and what’s the factors cause this difference?

1.The use of printers
For example, Hp Color LaserJet Pro M452dw Printer and HP M476dw Wireless Color Laser Multifunction Printer are both color laser printer. But the former only cost $130.01 on Amazon, the latter cost $1,848.00 on Amazon. They are also the same brands for laser printers. Why are there such big price differentials? The major different between this two printer model is their own purposes. The M452dw can only print. But the M476dw not only can print, but also fax, scan and copy. In addition, we will found their also have different of their compatible toner. M542dw use CF410A/X, which at less $25.99 per cartridge and the M452dw use CF380X, which only cost $17.99 per cartridge. We’ll find that also the M542dw printers are more expensive, but their used toner cartridge are usually cheaper, they are more economical in the long run.

2.Resolving power
Resolution is an important technical index to measure the quality of printers. Printer resolution generally refers to the maximum resolution, the greater the resolution, the better the quality of printing. Because resolution has an important impact on output quality, printers usually measure their grades by resolution. The unit of calculation is DPI (Dot Per lnch), which means the number of dots printed per inch. For example, the resolution of a printer is 600DPI, which means that it prints 600 dots per inch. The higher the DPI value, the more refined and realistic the print output, and of course the longer the output time, the more expensive the price.
General needle printer resolution is 180 DPI, high up to 360 DPI; inkjet printer for 720 DPI, slightly higher for 1440 DPI, recently introduced inkjet printer resolution of 2880 DPI; laser printer for 300 DPI, 600 DPI, high for 1200 DPI, or even 2400 DPI. Dye sublimation heat transfer printer has a resolution of 1800DPI. That’s why printers have such big price differentials.

How to choose a suitable printer equipment?
1.Follow your print requirements.
2.Purchase according to your print quantity.
3.Follow your requirements for printing effect.

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