V4ink Guide: 4 Method to reset HP Ink Cartridge

Many people complain that the cost of buying ink cartridges is higher than that of buying a new printer. Ink cartridge prices are so high that more and more people choose to refill ink to the old cartridge by themselves to save costs.

Why we need to reset the cartridge?

If you refill the cartridge with new ink, your printer may not be able to detect the new amount of ink and determine that the cartridge is empty. Ink cartridge reset is to let your printer forget that the ink cartridge has been used up, so that the newly refilled ink cartridge can be used normally.

Therefore, how to reset HP Ink Cartridge? Here come in four different method.

Four Method to reset HP Ink Cartridge

The Old Cartridge Method

If you have old cartridges in hand, this method are suitable for you.

Take out the newly refilled ink cartridges and replace them with a pair of old cartridges. Wait for the printer to recognize the cartridges, and then  – depending on the model – print a cartridge alignment page. Remove the cartridges and replace them with a second set of older cartridges. After the cycle, remove the old cartridge and replace it with a newly refilled one. Printers should treat them as new cartridges because many models have only enough memory to store the last two installed cartridges. This method is suitable for HP 63XL Ink Cartridge, which is a combination of black and tri-color ink cartridge.

The No-Cartridge Method

Some models can track up to five sets of cartridge identifiers in their memory to support another technology. In this case, you only need to take out the ink cartridge from the printer and turn off the printer, then turn it on again for at least 20 seconds.

This replaces the cartridge information in one of the memories with blank. Now repeat the process four times, and the memory of the printer should be empty. When you return the refilled cartridge to the printer, it should forget the number of pages and recognize it as a new cartridge.

The Tape Method

You need to put a small piece of tape on a specific contact on the cartridge, start the printer, then remove the cartridge, and move the tape to another location. This technique is tricky because different cartridges require you to cover different contacts, and the order may change.

Reset HP Ink Cartridges With Chips

Instead of relying on the printer to store page counts, late-model HP printers often have a chip right on the cartridge for this. Those are a bit trickier. You need to pop off the factory chip with a small screwdriver, or similar tool, and replace it with a third-party “auto reset chip,” or ARC. Those are available with or without ink level monitoring, and they’ll let you use your refilled cartridges without a fuss. This method is suitable for HP 902XL Ink Cartridge.

Some considerations

After the above reset operation, the ink cartridge you refilled may be compatible with your printer, but it may not be. Using the v4ink new compatible ink cartridge may be a better choice for you, because it can not only save costs, but also simplify the steps of refilling the cartridge, making it easier for you to use.

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