V4ink Christmas Carnival: The Amazing Christmas Gifts We Have Ready Prepared for You!

As the last carnival festival of the 2017 year, the most popular Christmas must what you look forward to. And are you eager to receive the gifts from your friends or your family? Oh, what’s the most importantly is whether you decide to prepare the nice Christmas cards with bright handwriting contains you blessing for both your friends and family? And all these V4ink have prepared good for you advance to let you highly enjoy the coming Christmas! The activity time lasts from 2017.12.7 to 2017.12.31, thus you have sufficient time to prepare your gifts for the coming Christmas.

v4ink's Christmas Coupon

There are three bright spots in this big activity for you to add more fun. At the same time to thank you for your supports for our brand consumables. We will let you keep enjoy the best result with lowest prices. This activity is what we carefully prepared for your Christmas, hopefully you will love it and always keep supporting our brand printing consumables.

1. Ranking will directly determine the benefits you can get in this event

The rankings will depend on your purchase at V4ink during the event. The more you buy, the higher your ranking, and the more benefits you will get from our official website.

    • During the event, you will receive a 15% discount on your registration as a member or login to your account.v4ink 15% coupon


    • During the event, You will receive a 17% discount (valid for one year) when you purchase more than twice.v4ink 17% code


    • During the event, Purchases more than three times, you not only get a 17% discount, but also get a luck square for 100% winning.v4ink coupon


  • During the event, Purchase more than four times, in addition to get 17% discount, each additional order will increase 1 additional lucky square opportunities for 100% winning.v4ink lucky square

Tips: During the event, More of your order, more chances of lucky square you can get.

2, Don’t want to be our members just want to participate in activities, no problem, share our activities in social media,  and you will get an extra lucky square!

Sharing the event to social media

If you do not want to be a member, there is no need to purchase toner for the time being, just want to participate in our activities. Then, you can share our Christmas carnival activities with the friends who need them through social media. Is it a good thing to share happiness with your best friends and family on Christmas day? Of course, you can repeatedly share to different social media for more lucky draw opportunities. However, only one draw a day, so the rest of the opportunities can draw the other day.

3.Amazing big prizes for ultimate award!


In addition to get the luck coupon, you have the chance to become our annual lucky boys! Only two people can become our luckiest boys. One is the customer with the largest number of orders in 2017, and the other is who with the largest amount of purchases in 2017! If you are so luckier that become our luckiest person, you will get our $100 cash coupon to afford our superior products!

Are you can’t help coming a prize draw and becoming our luckier person? The last carnival activity for obtaining superior printing with less money than ever before, come to take part in this unforgettable activity!Visit our activity page https://www.v4ink.com/christmas-lucky-square-2017,  and get the biggest discounts and enjoy a different Christmas celebration. Take action now to purchase your favorite print consumables!

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