Troubleshooting for printers can not recognize the new ink cartridges

Have you ever encountered a situation where the printer cannot read the ink cartridge or displays an error message when replacing a new ink cartridge into the printer? This is because there may be a communication problem between the printer and the ink cartridge. In fact, you can eliminate these problems with simple operations, so that your ink cartridge can be used normally in a few minutes. Let’s try it!

Clean the ink cartridge contact chip

Most HP ink cartridges are equipped with a chip, which is the most sensitive part of the ink cartridge. Generally, our fingers can not touch the chip, because when the dust or fingerprint oil get on the chip it can cause a faulty reading on your printer.

When your printer can not read your new ink cartridge. You can fix up through two simple operations below(for v4ink InkSacs HP 67XL, 65XL and 63XL etc):

First: Check if the chip of the replacement ink was installed in the correct direction (If your ink cartridge is not v4ink InkSacs, just do the second step).

Second: Use the eraser to clean the chip slightly.

You can also follow the video step by step:

Remove any protective clips or tape

Before installing new ink cartridge, you need to remove all clips or plastic tape placed on the ink cartridge which protect it during transportation. Not all cartridges have clips (it is usually orange and located at the bottom of the cartridge), but most have a strip of tape covering the cartridge vent hole. If these components are not removed, an error message will display on the printer.

To remove the clip, you should hold the cartridge in one hand and gently pull up the cartridge with the other hand. The protective tape is usually orange or yellow. The following picture shows how to remove the orange clip for HP 902XL ink cartridge.

remove the orange clip for HP 902XL

You only need to tear the plastic tape off the ink cartridge to open the air hole. The following picture shows how to remove the plastic tape for Epson T702XL ink cartridge.

remove the plastic tape for Epson T702XL

Reset the printer memory

If the printer memory is full, it may be difficult for your printer to identify the new ink cartridge. Sometimes all you need to do is to “remind the printer” that you have installed a new cartridge! To do this, you need to keep the old cartridges at hand, so I hope you haven’t discarded them!

First: Remove the new cartridge from the printer and reinstall the old cartridge.

Second: After installing the old cartridge, let the printer stand for about ten minutes, then reinstall the new cartridge, and then try printing again.

Perform a hard reset on the printer

Your HP printer should now recognize the new cartridge through the above steps. If not, you should try the hard reset on the printer.

Step 1. Remove the new ink cartridge from the printer.

Step 2. Please shut down your printer and power it down for 10 minutes.

Step 3. Re connect the power cord, but do not turn on the power button for the time being.

Step 4. Replace the new ink cartridge into the printer.

Disable HP Cartridge Protection

In order to prevent third-party ink cartridges from being used in their printers, HP manufacturers have designed an ink cartridge protection device in their printers, so that compatible ink cartridges cannot be recognized by HP printers. Fortunately, you can disable the HP cartridge protection in a few simple steps, how to do so?

Step 1. Open up the HP Smart app on your computer.

Step 2. Select “Printer Settings” on the HP Smart app menu.

Step 3. Select “Advanced Settings” > “Tools” > ”Cartridge Settings”

Step 4. On the “Cartridge Settings” menu, scroll down to “Cartridge Protection”, toggle it to “Off” and select “Apply” to save changes.

Check the ink cartridge access area for obstructions

Like the contact chip on the ink cartridge, the slot in which the ink is installed inside the printer is also sensitive. If any paper or other obstacles are located in the cartridge access area or cover the cartridge slot, this may also cause recognition errors. Remove the ink cartridge from the printer, and then use a flashlight to check the cartridge access area for any debris. Removing the obstacles then reinstall the cartridge and try to print again!

Contact the cartridge manufacturer for help

If you have tried all these troubleshooting method and still receive the error message from the printer, your ink cartridge may be damaged and need to be replaced. Most name brand cartridges come with a limited warranty and can be replaced free of charge.

If you order from v4ink, we offer 100% satisfaction and two full years warranty, which means you are covered for the life of the cartridge. Just contact our customer service team: and we will replace the cartridge or offer a full refund – it’s that easy!

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