Toner Cartridges Competition, Original VS Compatible Printer Supplies

With the decline in the price of the printer, a few hundred dollars of the inkjet printer has been everywhere, but can not afford to afford to become the most troublesome proposition for corporate procurement specialist. Little price is not low price of Toner cartridges, almost accounted for 70% of the daily office expenses. Will be about with it, and afraid of losing his wife and soldiers. Do not fish and bear’s paw can not have both? The following, please put the sign on the seat, You Di for your specific analysis should choose what kind of supplies.

About original cartridges and compatible cartridges

Many people think that fake Toner cartridges are compatible with Toner cartridges, which is not correct. Although foreign manufacturers strongly recommend that consumers stop using compatible cartridges and design to tolerate the use of compatible cartridges, but compatible with Toner cartridges is indeed an effective means to reduce the cost of printing. The fake Toner box is purely fake and shoddy products, it is almost exactly the same with the original Toner cartridges, and inside the Toner cartridges are inferior products. Visible, compatible Toner cartridges are beneficial and harmless, and, with the rise of compatible supplies suppliers, some brands of compatible Toner cartridges have been and the original Toner cartridges are not far away, although may not be able to meet some high-demand print users, but the general print In the basic and the original Toner cartridge does not see the difference, but no legend what plug the nozzle, affecting the printer life and other issues. The following is to say that for those superstitious original cartridges of consumers, you in the end there is no need to choose the price of more expensive original Toner cartridges?

First introduce what is the original Toner cartridges and compatible Toner cartridges

Original Toner cartridges: produced by the printer manufacturers, matching the corresponding printer model of the cartridge, is the original cartridge.

Compatible Toner cartridges: Toner cartridges that are not produced by the printer manufacturer and can be used in the corresponding printers produced by these print manufacturers. We call them compatible cartridges. These cartridges are generally similar in shape to the original cartridges, but not exactly the same Some patent issues. But can be used without barriers to the corresponding model of the printer.

Why the price of compatible cartridges will be so low, we analyze from the main two aspects

First, the production cost of Toner cartridges itself is not high, it is not like some electronic goods, the internal structure of the composition of the composition of the cartridge is relatively simple product.

Second, compatible Toner cartridges eliminates the need for early investment, because the printer manufacturers pre-large investment in the development of funds, so that they need to improve product prices to achieve rapid recovery costs, and compatible Toner cartridges to remove this part, because the development of The cost is relatively low.

7 thoughts on “Toner Cartridges Competition, Original VS Compatible Printer Supplies”

  1. Good afternoon! I ordered your compatible toner just before I left on a trip on June 29, 2017. The product arrived safely as determined by my partner who was stayed behind.
    Today, July 10, 2017, I opened the package and a delightfully designed Thank You note was immediately noticed. The directions for installation were clear, readable (meaning no need for a magnifying glass) and easy-to-read without turning pages to locate my native language.
    I bought my printer in 2011 after an unplanned career change and have had no regrets, except for the potential gouging of the brand’s refill which initially delayed my potential purchase for toner replacement.
    I have run a print test and there were no runs or leaks! I look forward to printing freely in color.
    Thank you V4Ink for making this a non-stressful event! #myhappyink

  2. This worked very well. Took about 10 seconds to replace my old cartridge. I ordered another brand from Amazon but it failed. V4Ink works the best. Thanks!

  3. Hello,I log on to your blog named “Toner Cartridges Competition, Original VS Compatible Printer Supplies – Best Printer Compatible Supplies Supplier V4ink’s Official Blog” daily.Your humoristic style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

  4. Hi hi I am leaving a comment on behalf of my hubby.
    He bought refills from V4ink. The packaging was safe and well done. Everything came in tack, everything also work as expected and the thank u card was adorable. It jus shows the level of customer service meeted out by V4ink, which is really important.
    Thanks again and do continue the good work.

  5. I used compatible toner cartridge for last two years. My personal experience is really good. It gives me good prints results. In my view choosing a compatible toner cartridge is always the best decision. You get best print results for lower cost and you can easily find compatible toner cartridges online.

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