TN660 vs TN760, What is the difference?

Brother TN760 Toner Cartridge is new upgraded for Brother TN660 toner cartridge. Although they look very similar, they are suitable for different printer models. Let’s take a look at their differences and common questions about them.

What’s the biggest difference between TN760 and TN660?

At first glance, TN660 and TN760 are very similar in both name and shape. But they are completely different. How to distinguish them?

They work with different printers:

Compatible PrintersBrother TN660Brother TN760
Brother HL SeriesHL-L2300D
Brother DCP SeriesDCP-L2500D
Brother MFC SeriesMFC-L2680W

TN630, TN660 and DR630 are compatible for same printer models.

TN630 is a standard yield toner cartridge, which can print 1,200 pages.

TN660 is a high yield toner cartridge, which can print 2,600 pages.

DR630 is a drum unit, which can print 12,000 pages.

The TN630/TN660 Toner cartridge needs to use together with DR630 Drum unit.

TN730, TN760 and DR730 are compatible for same printer models.

TN730 is a standard yield toner cartridge, which can print 1,200 pages.

TN760 is a high yield toner cartridge, which can print 3,000 pages.

DR730 is a drum unit, which can print 12,000 pages.

The TN730/TN760 Toner cartridge needs to use together with DR730 Drum unit.

TN760 and TN660 have both similarities and differences. The same thing is that they are both Brother cartridges, and both of them are drum and toner separation structure. The different are their compatible printer models and their page yield:

ModelsTN660 TonerTN760 Toner
Printer TypeLaser PrintersLaser Printers
Quantity1 Pack1 Pack
Yield TypeHigh YieldHigh Yield
Page Yield2,600 pages3,000 pages
OEM Price$54.96$74.25
Cost per Page2.11 Cents2.48 Cents

TN660 and TN760 with different page yield, price and even different cost per page. But you will found that compared with the the original toner cartridge, the TN660 and TN760 compatible toner are relatively cheaper. Are you looking for the best price alternative for your Brother cartridges? Why not choose compatible toner cartridges? It has the same printing effect and number of pages as the original, but the price is only 30% of the original.

Frequently asked questions about TN660 and TN760:

Question 1. Can I use TN660 toner cartridge instead of a TN760?

Answer: No, you can’t. The TN660 and the TN760 are the high yield toner cartridge compatible with different machines. Therefore, they can not be use in the same printer. There is a list of Brother printers on the toner box for which that cartridge can be used.

Before buying toner cartridges, you should first confirm your printer model. You can directly enter the machine model in the v4ink search box to find the appropriate toner cartridge model.

Question 2. TN660 and TN760, Which one is better?

Answer: In terms of price, TN660 is undoubtedly the most affordable black-and-white printer cartridge, and its suitable printer is also the most widely sold. Therefore, TN660 has always been No. 1 in the sales ranking of black-and-white printer cartridges. However, the times are changing and printers are constantly updated. The printers which work with TN660 are relatively old versions and have entered a recession. At present, there are not too many printer models on sale.

The printer models work with TN760 is an upgraded version of the TN660 printer models. They have more functions and can provide better print output. Therefore, in the long run, TN760 will gradually replace TN660 and become the best-selling product in the latest black-and-white printer cartridge. If you don’t pursue various functions very strongly, just want to have stable printing effect and pursue low price, the printers used TN660 are your best choice.

If you want your printer to be powerful and pursue a new model, choosing the one used TN760 may be more in line with your requirements.

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