Three Tips for Identifying Toner and Cartridges

Today we will introduce three tips for identifying toner and cartridges, when you decide to buy ink cartridges, the basic characteristics of the original cartridge, “touch, two look, three observation” is useful for you. So please pay attention to them.

“Touch” is to touch the product packaging. hp 30a cartridge using a unique anti-counterfeiting technology, HP models in any type of ink cartridges behind the lower right corner of the packaging, there will be production and production date of the words (vertical font). Original HP products with the words of hand gently touch will have a sense of bump, and counterfeit products feel smooth after touch. This is one of the most basic ways to identify HP ink cartridges. “Two look” is to look at the surface of the product packaging printing quality. Compared with the fake ink cartridges, HP original ink cartridges products beautifully printed, stripes and packaging characters on the pattern clear and bright, while the main combination of color design instead of the past dark blue. New packaging pattern is more complex, very difficult to fake. And genuine comparison, fake printing to be much better quality. “Three observation” is to observe the ink cartridges on the packaging of anti-counterfeit trademarks of color changes. HP inkjet packaging on the use of a visual security system, without the use of special equipment, the naked eye can identify the authenticity of the cartridge. On the side of the outer side of the cartridge, paste the HP anti-counterfeit label, and the color of the “hp-invent” text will change with the viewing angle. When the front of the direct observation of it, it is blue; and from any other point of view, the logo becomes black. And in the transformation of the time, there are flicker.

Using the above three methods, we can basically to distinguish the original ink cartridges and counterfeit ink cartridges , but not enough. At present, most of the counterfeit ink cartridges are filled with vacant original ink cartridges or refurbished, they are in appearance, print quality and anti-counterfeit trademarks and original ink cartridges exactly the same. This requires the consumer to observe carefully, carefully screened. Filled counterfeit ink cartridges, there will be ink holes in the top of the cartridge, and the original HP ink cartridges are not any ink hole. With the type of true and false ink cartridges ink content is not the same, fake content is small, light weight, hand Dian Dian ink cartridges, weight feeling is very obvious. Fake sellers will generally put the true and false ink cartridges together to sell, to show the difference, usually in the cartridge to make a mark, such as tick or printed with a small round chapter and so on.

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