Three steps to solve the problem that the printer can’t recognize TN660

In the process of v4ink customer service staff handling customer complaints, the most common problems encountered are that the new TN660 toner cartridge cannot be recognized by the printer, the printer displays no toner cartridge or the printer displays the number of printed pages as 0, etc.

Why do these problems arise?

In fact, these problems are similar, because Brother toner cartridges has counting characteristics, if the new toner cartridge is not reset or reset is not complete, after putting it into the printer, the printer will judge the new toner cartridge as an old toner cartridge, and issue an error prompt.

v4ink TN660 compatible toner cartridges have been reset by default before delivery. However, some deflection of reset gear may occur due to collision during transportation or improper operation of individual users, which may lead to misreading of the printer.

Today, v4ink would like to teaches you a method. After you buy v4ink products, once you don’t recognize the machine, you can try it:

Step 1. To see if the reset gear of the toner cartridge like the follow picture:

Step 2. Then turn the reset gear approximately 90 degrees.

Step 3. Now, the toner cartridge have been reset successfully. And you can try again to put the TN660 toner cartridge into your printer to see if it can work properly.

This method is recognized in the industry and is safe for toner cartridges. Please feel free to try it. In addition, this method is only effective for TN450 and TN660 toner cartridges. Please do not try this method on other toner cartridges.

If it still can not work, please feel free to contact

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