Three Big Laser Printer Maintenance Strategies

Laser printing is becoming one of the most parts in our daily life. With the widely use of laser printing, we can easily get a variety of high-quality printing materials within shorter minutes. At the same time, more and more printing problems are beginning to emerge with the rapid development of laser printers, which brings great troubles to people. In fact, lots of failure of some types are easily excluded, if we don’t know how to handle, sending repair shop is not only spend money also waste more value time. Here we provide you some common troubleshooting methods and ideas for you and hope they are helpful to you.

  • Getting the print content of printing materials is not complete

Don’t be anxious when you have this kind of problems. Firstly we need to check the ”FormFeed (paper out)” indicator on the panel whether it’s on or off. If the light is on, take the printer offline, then press the “FormFeed” button to print the files remaining in the printer buffer. If the printer does not display any information and the data is still unprinted, it’s time for us to check whether there is a problem with the user software. If you find the content of printing material is gradually getting obscure until it is not displayed, it’s time for you to change a new toner cartridges because it have been used up.

  • Printer jammed
  1. The paper quality is one of the reasons cause this problems. If the paper is too thick, wet or the quality is very rough, that will easily cause a printer jammed. Check your paper, if you find the paper is obviously bad, replace some new high quality paper.
  2. Some cartons can only hold a specific volume of paper at a time. If the paper you pack in a paper box exceeds a certain standard, it will hinder the automatic process of taking the paper out of the printer, and then it’s very easy to produce the jam fault.
  3. There is something wrong with the software settings. For example, if we set the A4 paper in the software settings, but there is other size paper rather than A4 paper in the cartons, which can cause paper jam. Make sure your software settings are right before printing according to the user’s manual.
  • The laser printer is still out of work after switching on the power

In this case, we should first confirm whether the powder switch of the printer has been opened, and we also need to check whether the power cork and power supply are abnormal. If there is no abnormality but not the electricity, we suggest to check whether the plugged powder socket is electric and the voltage is normal with the test pen. If these problems are not, then we suggest is to check whether a fuse of the printer has been fusing, if there has the problems of the fuse, here we verify the printer circuit appears problem, which we should have to go to the repair shop.

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