The Most Cost-Effective Toner Cartridge Store of 2018

As we all know, V4ink is one of the most popular compatible toner cartridge brand in the North America. But recently, It has added a new title of the most cost-effective toner cartridge store of 2018.

We spent 8 months compared V4ink, LD Products, E-Z INK, LINKYO and other compatible ink and toner official websites through product line, product price, activity discount strength and so on. Through comprehensive data, we found that V4ink is the most cost-effective toner cartridge store of 2018.

From the product line
V4ink always takes the lead in new product launches. For example, CF380X, CF230A/X, CF500A/X, TN760 compatible toner cartridge are the first ones in V4ink. Although V4ink does not have a more comprehensive and diversified product line like LD Products and LINKYO, V4ink is more focused on the sales of print toner. It even sells only a small amount of ink cartridge, and focuses on developing the product line of the toner cartridge. Therefore, compared with other compatible cartridge brand, V4ink’s product line of the toner cartridge is very complete. If you want to find a toner cartridge, then V4ink will not let you down.

From the product price
V4ink the prices of all products are basically very low. This is based on its own manufacturer, which can strictly control the cost and quality of products. You will find if you place your order on V4ink official website it’s free shipping storewide, which is different from other compatible brands. The only drawback is that V4ink’s logistics will be slightly slower than other competitors. It usually takes three to seven days to ship, and if you’re not particularly anxious to get the product, V4ink is definitely the most cost-effective.

From the perspective of activities and discounts
In order to maintain freshness and increase user activity, it is not difficult to find that V4ink has large monthly activities and small weekly activities, and the discount intensity varies with the activity. Of course, how to make users fully experience activities and not allow too many activities to disturb users? V4ink will combine website banner and EDM to push activities to customers. In terms of discount intensity, there are 10% OFF DEALS activities every month, as well as special festivals such as the new version of 20% OFF activities to the latest back-to-school season and Labor Day activities. Their discount intensity is also huge compared with other competitors.

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