The Differentiation between TN760 Toner Cartridges and DR730 Drum Units

New released dr730 by Brother is so powerful to be compatible with three kinds of brother toners: tn760, tn730 and tn770. But in daily life, most people will take it for granted that they are the same things. In fact, they are different. Such these differentiations make them have a clear division of the labors and duties, and work together to form the essential parts of the laser printer.

TN760 toner cartridges vs DR730 drum unit

1、What’s the biggest difference between tn760 and dr730?

Scientifically speaking, tn760 is a container of carbon powder that is the composition of printed materials. Without toner, the printed material is still blank and there is nothing in it. And dr730 is the house shell for tn760, which is a power device that transfers the printed information such as images to the paper. Without the drum unit, the carbon powder can’t be formed the printed shapes as you expect on printed materials. On the one hand they are independent of each other, so if either of them breaks down or is used up, you just need to change the bad individual part; on the other hand, they are both indispensable for printers for they work together to finish the printing work. Therefore, if one of them is missing, the entire print process cannot be completed.

2、Different page yields determine how often they should be replaced

In contrast, tn760 has been replaced more often than dr730, because it has fewer pages yields and is easier to be used up. A standard tn760 can print up 3000 and high-volume dr730 can full print 12000 pages in daily use. So, if you are a user who needs high-volume printing, you will obviously feel the dr730 has a much longer life than the tn770, and the dr730 is more durable than tn760. Because of the longer service and larger print capacity, the selling price of dr730 is often more expensive than the later. Of course, the lifespan of tn760 is limited. When you replace three or four carbon powders, it turns out that tn760 should be replaced.

3、Different approaches depend on different areas of responsibility

Because of their respective roles, their respective fields are different. For example, if you find that the color of the printed material has faded, that means your tn760 carbon powder will run out, and you just need to replace a new toner. As we said previously, we don’t need to replace dr760. However, if you find that there are some black lines or irregular white stripes in your printed material, you should check your dr730. If the situation gets serious, you should replace a new one immediately rather than change a new toner.

Unlike HP brand integrated printing consumables, the designs of brother and drum is separately, which can greatly reduce the later printing costs and provide great conveniences when replacement. If you are fond of this separate structure of brother printing consumables, think about tn760 and dr730, the new version with chip for the best printouts. Although tn760 and dr730 belong to different individuals, in some places they are similar: they both are vulnerable so that we should need to maintenance them in daily use and prevent them from the harm from the outsides, at the same time, make full use of them.

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