Inferior Toner May Endanger lives

The hazards of automobile exhaust are well known, but little is known about the harm of printer toner to the human body. With the increasing popularity of printers in home and business offices, we should consider the “green” factor when purchasing related products. In general, the toner used in laser printers can be made non-toxic and harmless if it is produced under standard sealed conditions. However, various bulk toners currently on the market are difficult to meet such industrial-grade requirements due to factors such as production technology.

So what is the essential features that an excellent toner cartridge needs?

*clear Imaging

*Good Wearability


*Endure high and low Temperature

v4ink’s toner cartridge are eco-friendly, with the strict wearability. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of printers, bulk toner has become a “hidden killer” for office white-collar workers. The main component of the toner is not carbon, and most of it is composed of resin and carbon black, charge agent, magnetic powder and the like. The toner melts into the paper fibers at a high temperature, and the resin is oxidized into a gas with an irritating odor. This is what everyone calls ‘ozone’. This kind of gas is not good for the human body itself, it will cause irritation to the human mucous membranes, and it is easy to increase the incidence of asthma or nasal allergies, and even dizziness and vomiting. But the products like hp 202x toner cartridge are extremely eco-friendly, which was produced by strict process. For your safety, please choose compatible toner cartridge from high standard.