The difference between 67 and 67XL ink cartridge

When purchasing HP 67 ink cartridges, you can choose between standard and High yield. So what is the difference between them? Which one is more cost-effective?

Are they compatible with the same printermodel?

Although there are many differences between them, they have one thing in common, that is, they are compatible with the same printer models:

HP DeskJet Series: DeskJet 1255, 2300, 2722, 2723, 2724, 2725, 2755, DeskJet Plus 4122, 4123, 4132, 4140, 4152, 4155 printer.

HP ENVY Series: ENVY Pro 6430, 6452, 6455, 6458, 6464, 6475 printer.

The difference between their page yield

As we all know, “XL” means more capacity and more ink the cartridge contains. The most different between HP 67 Standard Yield and HP 67XL High Yield ink cartridge is their page yield.

SeriesBlack ink cartridgeTri-color ink cartridge
HP 67 Standard Yield120 pages240 pages
HP 67XL High Yield100 pages200 pages

Whether the black or tri-color, the page yield of HP 67XL High Yield ink cartridge are twice of the HP 67 Standard Yield Ink Cartridge. If you don’t want to change the cartridge frequently, or if you print more pages in your daily life, It will be better to select HP 67XL High yield ink cartridges.

The difference between their service life

Generally speaking, the HP 67 and 67XL ink cartridge can be stored for 18-24 months without being opened, but it is also affected by temperature and humidity.

The service life of the ink cartridge is generally determined by the page yield. The page yield of HP 67 Standard Yield is 120 pages per black and 100 pages per tri-color ink cartridge base on 5% coverage (A4/Letter). HP 67XL High Yield is 200 pages per black and 240 pages per tri-color ink cartridge base on 5% coverage (A4/Letter).

If the ink is not used for a long time, the print head is easy to be blocked, and cleaning the print head requires a lot of ink. To make sure you get the most out of your ink cartridge, you need to use the printer at least once a week.

The difference between their cost per page

Cost per page (CPP) is determined by dividing the cost of that printer cartridge by the printer cartridge’s page yield. Through the cost per page, we can find out which product has better cost performance.

The cost per page comparison of OEM HP 67 and 67XL Black ink cartridge:

BlackHP 67 Standard YieldHP 67XL High Yield
Page Yield120 pages240 pages
Cost per Page13.3 cents10.0 cents

The cost per page comparison of OEM HP 67 and 67XL Tri-color ink cartridge:

Tri-colorHP 67 Standard YieldHP 67XL High Yield
Page Yield100 pages200 pages
Cost per Page16.99 cents12.50 cents

Through the above comparison, it can be seen that although HP 67 standard yield ink cartridge has a low price, but the cost per page are more expensive than HP 67XL high yield ink cartridge. Therefore, using HP 67XL high yield ink cartridge will save more money in the long run.

What’s the best alternative of the 67 ink cartridge?

Are you still pay for expensive OEM ink cartridge? V4ink here provides you with a better choice.

V4ink HP 67XL Remanufactured ink cartridge 2 Piece (K+T) which can print 650 pages per black and 450 pages per tri-color ink cartridge. The page yield of the v4ink 67XL ink cartridge combo pack is almost 3 times of the OEM black ink cartridge and 2 times of the OEM tri-color ink cartridge, but the price is only the same as the OEM (K+T). In other words, buying v4ink HP 67XL Remaunfactured ink cartridge can save you up to 2-3 times the price.

You can also try v4ink InkSacs HP 67XL Remanufactured combo pack. The black combo pack can print 240 pages per cartridge and 720 pages in total. And the tri-color combo pack can print 300 pages per cartridge and 900 pages in total.

The cost difference between HP 67XL and v4ink InkSacs 67XL black ink cartridge:

BlackHP 67XLV4ink Inksacs HP 67XL
Page Yield240 pages240 Each (720 Total)
Cost per Page10.0 cents8.2 cents

The cost difference between HP 67XL and v4ink InkSacs 67XL tri-color ink cartridge:

Tri-colorHP 67XLV4ink Inksacs HP 67XL
Page Yield200 pages300 Each (900 Total)
Cost per Page12.4 cents6.6 cents

Shopping at can help you save more and enjoy high quality printing effect! If you have any further questions about HP 67 or 67XL, please feel free to contact our support team:

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