BUY V4ink Now -A Good Value For What You Pay

I’ve been a faithful user of Cartridge World for several years. Always a good job. But in the last year I have seen quality deteriorate, and lifetime of reloaded cartridges decrease. Not saying anyone is cutting corners but ….. The last straw was a series of cartridges that when just inserted (Brother laser printer) were faint. Rocked them. Tossed them. CHANGED THE DRUM ($200). Still faint. Cruising Amazon and found two (2) v4ink cartridges for $20. Hey, why not give it a try.

After all, I’d been paying way more PER cartridge from Cartridge World. Arrived today. Did a test print from MS Word before, then the same doc 5 minutes later after inserting the v4ink cartridge. LIKE DAY AND NIGHT.!!! Was faint on all sides. Now crystal clear. Even good enough to see yellow highlighted text on a black & white printout. I’m sold and I’m going to tell everyone I know about this. v4ink—Please maintain product quality. That is the key. We who print need good quality printouts. And I was nearly ready to toss my printer thinking it was the problem.

I was skeptical about these printer toner cartridges because they’re so much cheaper. I’ve been using this toner for about one month or so and haven’t had a single problem. I’ll never go back to the “real” toner because this is 1/3 of the price–and I got two toner cartridges! Great replacement toner. Two cartridges came with this order. It was packages well. I put the first one in and there is no leakage, no spots or smudges. Great price. Will purchase from then again.

I’ve used V4INK for many years and have always found them the best after market / Refilled Ink cartridges. I use my printers in business as well as personal (home office) and the quality that I’ve gotten from V4Ink cf230a is outstanding! Thank you V4Ink for such a cost saving option on Amazon! We ordered from Amazon. It arrived quickly and was well packaged without going overboard. We’ve been using the ink cartridge for about 2 months. It works great! It’s easy to install, prints well, and we haven’t had any problems. We’d definitely choose V4Ink again.

I ordered them on Thursday night and they were delivered promptly on Saturday afternoon by 2pm. Didn’t even pay for expedited shipping.

The package and packing materials were very high quality and were such that they could easily handle shipping under very rough conditions. Opening the package was a synch.

I removed the OEM cartridges and installed these with no issues, just the same as I would normally install the OEM units. I’ve ran several test pages and the ink seems to be of the same quality as the OEM and with that, I am absolutely ecstatic!!! This ~$50 purchase saved me over $350 over the cost of new, OEM cartridges.

I have four daughters who my wife and I home school so we go through a ton of ink and paper. The test that we put this ink through will be sufficient enough for anyone using this in an office environment.

I will continue to provide feedback if anything changes but so far, this has been an excellent experience from purchase to use. I will absolutely purchase these again in the future.