How to disassembly Chip from the New Product tn760?

How to remove your brother tn760 toner chip from your original toner to the new toner? Here you just prepare some tools and your new brother tn760 compatible toner cartridge, do as the following procedures then the disassembly operation of brother tn760 can be so easily for you to finish in a short minutes!

tn760 compatible

The tools needed for the installation process:

A tweezers, original brother tn760 toner, new brother toner

Look for an appropriate environment when you do the following operation: take out your OEM tn760 toner from your Brother printer.

1. Firstly remove the old chip from your previous OEM toner cartridge with the preparing tweezers. Avoid excessive force in the process of clamping.

2. Secondly, transfer the old chip into the tn760 compatible toner and then press down the chip steadily by using a flat thing of the brother cartridge.

3. Thirdly, gently shake the brother cartridge 5 to 6 times from side to side to distribute the toner evenly. Then remove the orange protective toner cover from the new tn760 compatible toner cartridges.

4. Finally, install the brother tn760 compatible toner cartridge with drum together into printer. And the whole installation operations are completed. The printer can start to work normally when your Brother printer connects to the power.

If you have any questions on our new product disassembling chip operation, welcome toconsult to us, we will in the first time to provide you with the most effective solutions and the best service!