TOP 3 Best Printers Under $100 in 2021

Printer is not only the favorite of the office, but also used in almost every households. A good printer can not only solve many problems for you, but also become a good helper in your work and life. Since the price of printer is uneven, how to choose a printer in a more saving way?

V4ink recommends the best printers under $100 for you. They are not only reasonable in price, but also can provide high-quality printing effect and more importantly, save you more.

Top 3 Best Printer Under $100 at a Glance

The Best Laser Printer Under $100:Brother HL-L2300D

The Best Compact Printer Under $100: HP DeskJet 3755

The Best Home Use Printer Under $100: HP OfficeJet Pro 6968

The Best Laser Printer Under $100Brother HL-L2300D

Can I buy a laser printer within $100? Yes, you can. Brother HL-L2300D is definitely No.1 in black-and-white laser printer. It’s light and compact, and it doesn’t take up space.

Although only black-and-white printing is supported, the printing speed is up to 27 ppm, and support automatic two-sided printing. For the average family and small office, it is a good choice.

Not only is the printer affordable, but the toner cartridge it uses is also cost-effective. Both standard TN630 cartridge and high-yield TN660 cartridge are suitable for this printer. The standard TN630 can print 1200 pages, and the high-yield TN660 can print 2600 pages. In addition, both TN630 and TN660 toner cartridges need to be used together with the DR630 drum unit. The service life of the drum unit is longer than that of the toner cartridges. The drum unit usually needs to be replaced after the use of 3-4 toner cartridges.

The average cost per page is only $0.006 for using v4ink high-yield TN660 toner cartridge, which is your best choice to save money.

The Best Compact Printer Under $100:HP DeskJet 3755

You can find it at Amazon for $69.99! You won’t think of a printer that supports black-and-white and color printing at such a low price. It is also a multi-in-one printer, supporting copying, scanning, wireless printing and airprint.

With HP smart application, you can easily set up the printer, scan via smart phone, and print through icloud, Dropbox and Google cloud hard disk. It is also a wireless printer, which can meet the needs of any space, any occasion.

HP deskjet 3755 printer uses HP 65XL ink cartridge, which is expensive. However, you can choose compatible ink cartridge to reduce the cost. V4ink HP 65XL series ink cartridge which contain OEM print head can save you more, because its OEM print head can be reused up to 3 times. A HP 65XL black combo pack contain 1 reusable print head and 3 black replacement ink cartridges can print up to 1,440 pages for only $44.59.

If you’re looking for a simple compact printer that costs less than $100 and can produce beautiful photos, this is a good choice.

The Best Home Use Printer Under $100: HP OfficeJet Pro 6978

With the functions of color printing,collection scopy, scan, fax, wireless printing, two-sided duplex printing, color touchscreen and automatic document feeder, HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 is an integrated printer, which is the best choice for home users.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 printer produce fast professional-quality color in 50% less ink than lasers, save paper, and handle more tasks without slowing down.

HP 902 standard cartridge and HP 902XL high-yield cartridge are both compatible for HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 printer. We recommend that customers who print frequently choose HP 902XL high-yield cartridge, which can is more affordable.

Smart ways help you print more and spend less

Use Compatible Cartridges

If you’ve been using the OEM cartridges, it’s very likely that you’ve spent far more money on printer cartridges than on the printers.

Like the principle of razors and blades, razors are sold at a low price and blades at a premium. In fact, you don’t need to use blades in high price , because the compatibility effect is the same. The same applies to printers and consumables. The compatible ink cartridges can usually save you 50% – 70% more than the OEM ink cartridge.

V4ink sells thousands of compatible printer cartridges for each major printer brand. Check your budget and change to a compatible product immediately!

High-Yield cartridge would be better

Printer cartridges generally have standard and high-yield version. If you print more frequently, high-yield cartridge must be your best choice. Not only because it provides more ink, but also is more cost-effective.

Take the HP 902 and 902xl for example. The OEM HP 902 standard black ink cartridge costs $17.99 and can print about 300 pages. The OEM HP 902xl high-yield cartridge costs slightly more, at $38.99, but can print 825 pages. The price of high-yield ink cartridge is about twice that of standard one, but the page yield is almost three times that of standard product.

You can save even more if you choose high-yield compatible ink cartridges. V4ink HP 902XL 4-Piece Combo Pack costs only $39.99, an average ink cartridge is less than $10, but the printing effect is the same as the OEM ink cartridge!

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