8 Incredibly Helpful Tips for Student Printer

Below you will find some general tips tailored to the unique situations that students face on a regular basis.

  1. Printer Types

Laser printers are better for simple text document, flyers, simple image and maintenance.

  1. Ink printers are better for photos, custom document sizes and media types at the expense of more maintenance. Most students are going to be happier with a laser unless their education requires high resolution artwork, photos or special media types.
  2. Keep it simple

A printer with fewer features will have more invested into supporting those parts than a similarly priced printer with more features. Trade short term convenience for fewer points of failure and long term happiness.

  1. Use the print labs for odd jobs

Large paper size? Print Lab. Color print job? Print lab. Special glossy photo paper? Print lab. Students typically have access to a print lab on campus or in the local community they live in. Yes, it will be more expensive upfront. However the print labs are fronting all of the maintenance and support costs for you which makes your life simpler (and avoid you trashing a printer every year).

  1. Avoid wireless printing in dorms

Wireless is great, but most printers only support 2.4 GHz which has limited options for non-overlapping channels. All of the wireless chatter in a dorm is going to cause your printer connections to have problems. Its much safer and easier to use a USB cable or if necessary a network cable to connect to your printer until you can escape the WiFi chaos of the dorms.

  1. Test your printer before you need to use it

Take care of problems before its too late. There’s nothing worse than pulling an all nighter and then receiving printer error messages the morning before a paper is due.Why do Printers Suck #8

  1. Perform regular maintenance

Most new printers will take care of themselves fairly well if you leave them powered on. Read the users guide for suggestions and tips on how to keep the printer working. Keep a spare original cartridge on hand. This is a backup in-case you wish to try refilled cartridges.

  1. Remove cartridges when transporting the printer Particularly when moving in/out. Take out your cartridges, seal them in a bag and keep them separate from the rest of the printer in a climate controlled environment. Toner is more resilient but exposing ink in particular to rapid changes in temperature such as a sun baked/frozen car will cause cartridge failures. That way if there is a leak at least it wont go all over the inside of the printer and cause further maintenance issues

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