How to Solve the Problem that Printer Can’t Recognize the New Toner Cartridge?

Most people may encounter the problem that their printer can’t be precisely recognized the newly bought cartridges, and such problem take up too much of their time and energy. Don’t worry, here we collect and integrate the most complete information here, and sincerely wish they will be useful when you in need.

  1. Check out the cartridge itself

This is the most fundamental problem and the most overlooked problem. Try to seek for the problems from the cartridge, you may find out the perfect solution.

If the new toner cartridge has a chip, such as hp cf217a toner:

Step 1: Clean the chip with an eraser and re-install. Be careful not to be too hard to hurt the internal structures of the cartridges.

Step 2: Gently put the chip inside the cartridges, and then place the cartridges inside the printer.

Step 3: Start up and turn off the printer repeatedly for 5 times.

If the new cartridge doesn’t have a chip:

Step 1: Make sure that when a cartridge is already installed in one printer, it can’t be used in another printer. Then you should check out your printer whether the printer has the problem.

Step 2: Make sure that the protective cover is opened and closed smoothly.

Step 3: If it still doesn’t work, turn off the printer. Then clean the electric shock inside the printer and re-install the cartridge.

  1. The printer is not properly set up

Many people may not realize that their printers need some setup operations when they buy compatible toner cartridges. For example, there has a “chip” in some HP printer which it can recognize whether the cartridge you buy is original. If you have bought the compatible toner cartridge for using, we suggest you operate following operation:

Step1: Turn off the power and unplug the printer’s power cord;

Step 2: Reconnect the power cord;

Step3: Press and hold the “on/resume” and paper size button when the lights start flashing;

Step4: Only release the button when the “on/resume” light is flashing.

After cleaning your printer, reset your printer again. Sometimes you can just only need to ignore some error messages during the setting process and just disconnect the cable and connect it again. Or you can try to reset your laser printer to see if it works and repeat the process until it back to normal.

If you still can’t make your printer work recognize the new printer cartridges, do not forget to check out whether the cartridge is compatible or suitable with your printer. If your new printers don’t match the cartridges, change another right one right away. Or if you want, come to contact us or leave your doubts here, we will try our best to provide you with most efficient solutions.