Reduce the Cost of Toner Cartridge is the Key for Enterprises

The function structure of laser printers can be divided into print engine and print controller these two types. Among them are laser scanner, reflection prism, toner cartridge and carbon powder box and so on; the printer controller communicates with the computer through an interface or network. The printing engine will transfer the printed content received to the paper on the printer in the control of the printing controller.

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Printer toner and the engine is the core of laser printer, and toner cartridge is an important component of the laser printer. To a certain extent, the quality, cost, and entire service life are all depend on a laser printer. Users now purchase laser printers not only to ask about the price of the machines, but also highlight the cost of a single page, which is closely related to the toner cartridges. Because nearly 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the toner cartridges, it not only determines the cost of printing a single page, but also has a direct impact on print quality. Toner cartridge belongs to consumable supplies. You need to replace after a period of time, there are a lot of enterprises fill the carbon powder in order to saving the cost of office. Then the toner cartridge will have longer service life, which means that a single page to print cost is lower.

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