How to Solve The Problems When Printers Fail to Printâ‘ 

Printers can’t print because they are offline. On most printers, beside the OnLine button, there is a small light indicating the online status. Normally, the online indicator should be in a constant state. If the indicator is not light or flicker, it is abnormal. Please check whether the printer power supply is on, whether the printer power switch is on, whether the printer cable is connected correctly, etc.

How to set the printer to the default status.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Click the Windows Start menu, point to Settings, click Printer, and open the Printer window.
  2. right-click the printer icon, the system pops up the quick menu, and click “set as the default value”.

If the Printer window does not have the printer currently in use, double-click the Add Printer icon and install the printer according to the prompt.

What if the printer is in a pause print state, resulting in failure to print. The method is: in the Printer window, right-click on the printer icon in use, and then click to clear the check mark “” before the “pause printing” option.