What Is the Function of A Toner Chip?

As a part of the laser printer, the presence of a toner chip is essential. Though it has small volume, the function is necessary for printing.

The function of the toner chip is simple: store printer’s information, the communication channel for printing consumables and laser printer.

Storing printer’s information which is means it can store the messages that a printer sends back to it, including the print volumes of toner cartridges, the coverage rage of toner, the type of toner cartridge and printed are information. In order for the printer to work properly, once the messages are gone, they can’t be unrecoverable.

Certainly, the recognition function determines the toner chip in different toner cartridges, different printers are not compatible. So when you plan to purchase a new toner chip, make understand what type of your laser printers, only the correct type of toner can make your cartridges take effect inside your laser printer. Certainly, when the printer determines that the toner is insufficient, the toner chip will indicates this information. Be noted: the toner chip does not have the function to control whether the printer continues to print. So when the toner chip is needed to replace? If the toner cartridge is used up, it’s time to change the equipped chip, because in the chip program, the service life of the chip is determined by the life of the toner cartridge. So if the cartridges are not used up while it’s broken up accidently, the toner chip can still be available in the same model of the cartridges.

Besides, the toner chip can identify whether the toner cartridge is OEM for the printer when you replace a new toner cartridge. If the cartridge is not original one or the counterfeit one, the printer will indicate you the printer consumables are not the genuine. If your printer toner is compatible one instead of the false one, you can ignore these indicate message, because a genuine compatible toner cartridge is sure not damaging your printer.

Whether all print cartridges come with the chips? The answer, of course, is not. many kinds of toner cartridges do not have the chip, so when the printer toner cartridges is broken but it’s not used up, you have to do zero clear operation such as Brother toner cartridges. But the situation is not like it used to be, nowadays Brother has released the new generation of TN660 toner-brother tn760 toner, the upgrade version that equipped with toner chip. In the meanwhile, the use of toner chip can greatly improve the awareness of using genuine printer consumables at the same time avoid the damage to the printer caused by fake ink cartridges.

Which is better for You, Laser printer or Inkjet Printer?

Laser printers and inkjet printer, which is better? There are many questions and answers on the platform that solving the problems. In fact, the answers are various. In the history of the printer, the laser and inkjet printer appeared in similar time just to solve the requirement of print words. Now the distinction is based on the scene of the application, and different types of printers are selected under different scenarios and you will get multiplier effect.

Office use laser preference

If you choose a printer for your family or small office, the choice is more complicated. Generally speaking, we can do all the mockups on the market, but some people prefer laser printers. I highly recommend the brother MFC-7240 or HL-2240 for you. Both of them are the examples of laser multi-function printing, which they all have the features of printing,copying,scanning, and their volume is fine enough to put in a position that don’t take up your space. This is very suitable for a family or small working. The humanized aspect is that they don’t cost much money. Thinking from the cost angles, you will find that their inner core- brother tn450 cartridge is very suitable for you if you want to find a cost-effective toner cartridge. Compatible brother tn450 cartridge are suited for many types printer such as Brother DCP-7065D,HL-2280DW ,brother MFC-7240 and so on. Now that many print brands companies have launched these miniaturized black and white laser machines to meet user’s desired.

Inkjet printer priority for homework

The requirement of family print job is the main force of the current consumption for color inkjet printing products. As students begin to do their homework from primary school to universities, they are almost ready to be printed to the printing homework. The time is span 12 years, and a reliable inkjet printer with longer usage life is crucial to every student. The Canon image class D420 may suit your needs. It can quickly print your profile as your wish with clear fonts and longer shelf life. Inkjet printing products are updated quickly and may be changed when you need to buy. The products recommended here are cheap consumables with reliable quality, which enough to satisfy the needs of the home printing operation and can even print photos.

Early adopters of inkjet printers for color office

As the development of the evolution of printing technology, commercial printing is now using inkjet printing low-cost features for color output when it reflected in product crossover,performance and stability. Informally, the cost of printing ink is a few cents while color laser printing is even more expensive. Like HP laser Jet 1022, which is office’s ideal partner. The new” commercial inkjet printer” products, ink capacity, fast speed, but the printing costs rise rather than fall. Except for HP type of inkjet printer, Canon series products have commercial inkjet machine and in sales on office, preschool education class, hotel, hall and so on.

In general, the laser printers and inkjet printers can’t be compared, different scenarios have different answers, and the development of printer technology makes crossover and versatility stronger. However, there is a principle that small machines can be bought on the e-commerce site. The big machine is bought by the agent, besides you can talk about the guarantee of after-sales, the agent’s reputation, printers’ ability may be more important than the equipment itself.