HP 67XL Cartridge Contains Pigment Ink or Dye Ink

HP 67xl ink cartridges are commonly used cartridge for HP printers, and the type of ink filled in cartridges is a significant element of printing outputs. To know the types of inks contained in HP 67xl ink cartridges, you need to first understand pigment and dye ink.

hp 67xl ink

What is pigment-based ink?

Pigment ink is composed of solid particles of pigment powder, so it is relatively thick. It is difficult for sunlight to penetrate the printed matter, and it is not easy to fade. In addition, pigment-based ink is extremely suitable for printing documents and photos that need to be stored for a long time. However, because the solid particles of pigment ink have the effect of reducing stains, the printing color of the pigment ink is not bright.

What is dye-based ink?

Dye ink is made of dyes that can be dissolved in water, and synthetic chemistry, which are easily absorbed by paper to provide bright and vivid colors and clear text. However, due to water solubility of dye, dye-based ink is susceptible to stains or damaged by external influences, and is easy to fade in the sun.

Comparison of pigment ink and dye ink

After learning about pigment and dye ink, compare their characteristics in terms of light resistance, dry resistance, stain resistance, water solubility and durability based on the above introduction.

CharacteristicsComparison of pigment and dye ink
Light resistancePigment ink > dye ink
Dry resistancePigment ink > dye ink
Stain resistancePigment ink > dye ink
Water solubilityPigment ink < dye ink
DurabilityPigment ink > dye ink

Although light resistance, dry resistance, stain resistance and durability of pigment ink are better than dye ink, dye-based ink can create clearer text and more vivid colors due to its water solubility.

Is HP 67XL pigment ink or dye ink?

HP 67xl has black cartridge containing pigment-based ink, and tri-color cartridge containing dye-based ink. 67xl Black cartridge normally is used to print number of documents, and quick-drying pigment-based ink can meet this demand; A 67xl tri-color cartridge is required to print bright and vibrant color, so dye-based ink helps to achieve this.

HP 67XL High Yield Black Original Ink Cartridge (3YM57AN#140)

Color: Black

Ink type: Pigment based

HP 67XL High Yield Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge (3YM58AN#140)

Color: Tri-color: Cyan Magenta Yellow

Ink type: Dye based

What is the best remanufactured 67xl ink cartridge?

There are thousands of remanufactured 67xl cartridges on the market, but it is hard to find a spend less and perform well one. V4ink remanufactured 67xl ink cartridges meet the conditions. The v4ink 67xl cartridges are filled in high-quality and OEM standard pigment ink and dye ink, making smoothly print sharp texts and vibrant color printouts.

How to installed 67xl pigment-based and dye-based ink cartridge?

Here, we take the v4ink brand as an example to teach you step by step how to install the 67xl ink cartridge into a compatible printer.

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