How to Remove “No Toner” Message of MFC-L2710DW Printer?

how to remove no toner error message of the printer use tn760

When dealing with after-sales problems, the most common problem we encounter is the printer still prompts “No Toner” or “Replace Toner” after installing a new toner cartridge. Is the toner cartridge damaged? Not exactly!

The following four situations can help you remove the problem, and this guide can also be suitable for all printers which compatible with Brother TN760 toner cartridges, Let’s go ahead!

Situation 1. The wrong model of toner cartridge is installed

Since the toner cartridge and drum unit for Brother printers are purchased separately, please pay special attention to whether the toner cartridge and drum unit are matched. The MFC-L2710DW machine needs to use with TN730/TN760 Toner Cartridge and DR730 Drum Unit. Please verify the correct toner cartridge is installed.


1) Take out the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly from your printer.

2) Take out the toner cartridge from the drum unit.

3) Re-check that the label on the toner cartridge is the correct cartridge model.

tn760 toner cartridge

4) Reinstall the toner cartridge into the drum unit and put the assembly into the printer.

Situation 2. Haven’t removed all the protective cover and tape.

A new toner cartridge is usually covered with orange protective covers and seals to ensure that toner does not leak during transportation. Before install into the printer, you must confirm all the protective cover and tape have been removed.


1) Take out the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly from your printer.

2) Take out the toner cartridge from the drum unit.

3) Re-check whether all protective cover and tape have been removed.

remove all the protetive cover of the tn760 toner

4) Reinstall the toner cartridge into the drum unit and put the assembly into the printer.

Situation 3. The toner cartridge is not installed in place.

If the toner cartridge or drum unit is not installed in place, the printer will not be able to recognize it. When pushing the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly, it needs to be pushed to the end, that is, the assembly will not move any more.


The following video shows you how to install the TN760 Toner Cartridge into the printer correctly.

Situation 4. The gear of the toner cartridge is not in the proper position.

When receiving the new toner cartridge, pay attention to check whether the white gear of the toner cartridge is in the correct position. The following figure shows the incorrect position the gear is:

reset the gear of the tn760 toner cartridge


If the position of the gear on the toner cartridge is not correct, you will need to reset the Toner Cartridge. The following video shows you how to rest TN760 Toner cartridge to the correct position.

If you still cannot solve the error prompt of “No Toner” or “Replace Toner” according to the above four methods, you may have received a defective toner cartridge or the toner cartridge was damaged during transportation. It is recommended that you contact the merchant you purchased. If you have any questions about v4ink products, please contact us by email: support_ and welcome to join Facebook group: v4ink Brother TN-760 Toner Cartridge Group to discuss and solve problems with us.

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What is the difference between Brother DCP / MFC / HL printer series?

Choosing a suitable printer is not an easy task, especially when you facing many different brands and series.

DCP, MFC and HL are the three most common series of Brother Laser printers. If you are preparing to buy a Brother series printers, you must not miss this entry-level guide! It will help you choose the right printer. Let’s jump in!

Similarities and differences

 HL SeriesDCP SeriesMFC Series
Printer typePrinting onlyAll-in-OneAll-in-One
FunctionsPrintPrint / Copy / ScanPrint / Copy / Scan / Fax
SizeSmall to largeMedium to largeMedium to large
Print technologyInkjet / Laser / LEDInkjet / LaserInkjet / Laser
Usage locationHomeHome / OfficeOffice
Automatic printer functionsYesYesYes

How to select the appropriate printer series?

The best home and home use printer – HL Series

HL series is especially suitable for home and home offices, because HL printers are generally compact, small and do not occupy space. Generally, there are two types: black-and-white and color. It can only print without other functions, but it is affordable.

[Recommondation] The Brother HL-L2350DW monochrome laser printer only $179 which delivers class-leading print speeds up to 32ppm along with wireless networking. Flexible paper handling choices include an up to 250-sheet capacity paper tray and manual feed slot, which is perfect for small or home offices.

[Conclusion] If you have a limited budget, mainly print materials and don’t pay much attention to other functions, HL series printer will be your first choice.

The first choice for intensive printing – DCP Series

Do you need a printer for intensive use? In that case, the DCP series is suitable for you. DCP series is all-in-one, which with printing, scanning and copying in one. The printing speed of DCP series printer is faster, usually 36-42ppm. It is suitable for ordinary families and offices. It takes less time and prints more, which can save you more time and money.

[Recommondation] Brother DCP-L2550DW is ideal for busy families or small offices looking for fast and reliable multifunction copiers. As a reliable alternative to the DCP-L2540dw, this improved new multi-purpose copier includes a 50 page automatic document feeder that can copy and scan multiple pages at a printing speed of up to 36ppm to improve efficiency. The printer and copier have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, allowing printing from wireless devices such as desktops, smartphones, laptops and tablets.

[Conclusion] The functions of DCP and MFC are roughly the same. The difference is the lack of fax function. If you don’t need fax function, DCP will be more cost-effective.

The most versatile printer for office – MFC Series

If you are looking for a printer with the most comprehensive functions, it must meet your needs. MFC means Multi-Function Center, which integrate fax, printer, scanner, copier in one. MFC series printers have the most comprehensive printer functions.

[Recommondation] If you’re looking for an affordable multi-function printer, it will be difficult to find a better choice than MFC-L2710DW. This printer is affordable, with clear printing images. The TN760 high yield toner cartridge can print 3000 pages. It is very suitable for office. The printing speed is up to 32ppm, and has ink saving mode and double-sided printing, which can save you the cost of replacing ink cartridges and paper.

[Conclusion] If you mainly print text, laser printer is your most economical printing choice. If you need to print strictly in black and are looking for a value for money multi-function printer, you can not miss the MFC series.

Do different series of printers work with different toner cartridge models?

Although printer models may be different, they may work with the same cartridge.

For example, DCP-L2550DW, MFC-L2710DW and HL-L2350DW all use Brother TN730 standard yield or TN760 high yield toner cartridge and work with DR730 drum unit.

The corresponding toner cartridge model which work with the type of the printer is decided by the original equipment manufacturer. The same series of toner cartridge can be used for different models of this series of printers, but not necessarily. The specific toner cartridge used by the printer shall be subject to the manual attached to the printer.

If you are looking for a best price alternative for original toner cartridge, V4ink compatible toner cartridges will be your best try. They can provide the same printing effect and printing page as the original product does, only cost a small part of the original product.

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