What is v4ink InkSacs?

V4ink InkSacs is a series of innovative products which consist of multi-pack replacement ink cartridges and a reusable OEM print head.

How v4ink InkSacs Works?

A v4ink InkSacs contains one complete ink cartridge and two replacement ink cartridges.

The complete ink cartridge can install directly to your printer just the same as the OEM.

When the first replacement ink cartridge runs out, you need to remove the cartridge from the reusable print head, and then install a new replacement ink cartridge into the reusable print head and install the complete ink cartrigde into your printer.

One reusable print head can be used with the new replacement ink cartridges up to three times. That’s why our v4ink InkSacs contain total 3 replacement ink cartridges.

Installation Guide for v4ink InkSacs

What’s the Feature of v4ink InkSacs?

Print more and save more

The reusable OEM Print head can be used with a total of 3 replacement ink cartridges. One replacement ink cartridge prints up to 480 pages, that is, 1 v4ink InkSacs combo pack canprint up to 480*3=1,440 pages.

1 OEM product can only print 480 pages in total.

Printing effect are as good as OEM’s

You can get high-quality printing effect with v4ink InkSacs,

which can fully meet your printing needs.

Representative models of v4ink InkSacs

hp 63xl ink cartridge combo pack

hp 65xl combo pack

hp 67xl combo pack

More products are increasing…

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