How many pages can I print per cartridge using an HP Laser printer?

Today, I receive a questions in the which ask How many pages can I print per cartridge using an HP Laser printer? I think this is a topic worth sharing with you.

As a long-term laser printer user, you will know that different printers use different toner cartridges, so the page yield of different toner cartridges will naturally be different. But not all printer users understand this point, especially those who have just touched the laser printer, may think that the toner cartridge used by the printer has a fixed amount of printing. Today, V4ink is here to discuss this topic with you.

Is the page yield of toner cartridge the same?

Obviously no! Different toner cartridge have different page yield, even they are both compatible with the same printer equipment, but the page yield of them may have some difference.
For example, the HP CF410A and CF410X, which compatible with the same printer equipment but have different page yield.

HP CF410A(K), which page yield is 2,300 pages per cartridge(Showing on the following picture).

HP CF410X(K), which page yield is 6,500 pages per cartridge(Showing on the following picture). The page yield of the CF410X is double of the CF410A.

Because the HP CF410A is low yield which suitable for users who with small print volumes and the HP CF410X is high yield which suitable for users who with high print volumes. That’s why they have such difference.

Will the number of pages I actually print be the same as the pages yield display on the web page?

Not always! The page yield on the web page is only a reference value. How many pages you actually print depends on how much coverage you print. The page yield displayed on the web page is the national standard of 5% coverage (Letter/A4).

If your average print coverage per page exceeds the 5% coverage standard, the actual number of pages you print will be lower than the page yield displayed on the web page. If your average print coverage per page is less than the 5% coverage standard, then the actual number of pages you print may be higher than the page yield displayed on the web page.

5 Key Points for Choosing Laser Printers

For most users, choosing a printer depends mainly on the performance, price and after-sales service of the product. What other key points should be considered? V4ink tells you that before choosing a printer, you need to know the following five key points.

1.Print quality
Printing quality is also often referred to as the printing effect, the quality of printing effect is one of the most basic and important factors of color printing. When color laser printers print color images, the distribution of color should be accurate and reasonable, and the ink dots printed out should be smaller. The color saturation and gorgeous degree of the image sample sheet should be relatively high, and the fine degree of the ink dots in the image should also be very good.

2.Print speed and print resolution
Printing speed refers to the number of pages that can be printed per minute by the printer (referring to the maximum paper allowed to be used by the printer) in ppm. Printing speed is another important parameter to inspect color laser printer. Manufacturers of all brands are spared no effort in speeding up printers, and need careful comparison when purchasing. At present, the black-and-white printing speed of household products on the market is about 20 pages per minute, and the color printing speed is about 5 pages per minute.

If SMEs and SOHO users choose laser printers, they may wish to pay attention to the next home page output time parameters. Home page output time can be said to be set specifically for SMEs and SOHO users, many users daily printing is usually one or two pages, so home page output time is an important indicator to measure the speed of output.

Printing resolution is one of the important technical indicators of color laser printers. That is, how many dots are printed per inch, the unit is DPI. Its value is directly related to the quality of the output image and text of the printer. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution is, the better the print quality will be. At present, most of the household products on the market have adopted 600 dpi, through “fine ink dot control technology” and “resolution enhancement technology” can improve the print resolution to 2400 dpi, we should have 600 DPI and above resolution as one of the basic conditions for selection.

“Good quality and low price” is the golden rule of purchasing. Price plays an important role in promoting the sale of goods. Whether purchasing a laser printer or an inkjet printer, the purchase price is a reference factor. Although “one price for each item”, for the vast majority of people, the price often determines the consumer’s desire to buy. In the past, unreachable color laser printers began to go down and enter more families. Color laser printers on the market range in price from less than $100 to over $1,000, and can be flexibly selected according to their own actual situation.

4.After-sale service
Printer is a kind of consumptive hardware equipment. It will inevitably cause some problems when it is used for a long time, such as mechanical failure, and so on. The general household users do not have the ability to repair themselves. Therefore, good after-sales service and technical support for us is very important, such as: replacement, only replacement, and so on. The average laser printer dealer promises free repairs for a year.

5.Printing cost
Household color laser printers are less than $200, although the price is not superior to inkjet printers, but color laser printers are cheaper to use than inkjet printers. In terms of usage cost, although the price of toner cartridge is very high, color laser printers are still cheaper than inkjet printers in printing color documents. For example, the Hp CF410X high yield toner cartridge’s page yield is 6500 pages of 5% coverage(Letter/A4) which is less than $0.01 per page. Therefore, when choosing color laser printer, we should know the price and quantity of consumables for each brand and model in detail, calculate the cost of printing, so as to know in mind.