Only one chance! V4INK CF217A Pre-sale up to 25% off

Recently, V4INK official website released a Pre-Sale for three new toner cartridges, CF217A compatble toner cartridge (with chip), cf230a compatible toner cartridge (with chip) and CF230X compatible toner cartridge (with chip).  Pre-sale price up to 25% off, it’s only one chance to get the cheapest price like this.

In fact, what is the difference between the chip version and the no chip version? Where is the biggest selling point? Let’s take a look at it!

For users, to purchase a no chip toner cartridge, before they are using the toner, they need to pull down the chip from the original toner cartridge, and then install the chip to the new toner cartridge. In the meantime, our hands have to touch the chip, so that it may cause different degrees of damage to the chip, thus affecting the life of the chip, and even affect the printing effect of the toner cartridge.

V4INK company found the defect with the no chip products, so they developed with the chip version, effectively solve the trouble of replacing the chip of toner cartridge. Make the chip version become more convenient and simple.

In addition, this chip version is only a small amount of sales on Amazon platform, V4INK can be the first to launch a chip version of the independent official website, so the quality will be more secure;

If you want to experience the convenience of this new product, buy it while they are in the pre-sale.