Installation Guidelines of HP 80A/HP 80X Toner Cartridge

CF280X scenario

HP 80A/HP 80X toner cartridge, known as CF280A/CF280X toner cartridge is one of our best collection for Monochrome black-and white printer. Their quality printing performance impresses the printer users with their high efficiency, durability and standard color calibration.


As you may notice, both CF280A and CF280X toner cartridge can be applied into some same printer models. What’s the distinction? Any difference in their function? CF280X is a high-yield version compared with CF280A general version. CF280X is able to achieve in yielding 6900 pages, while CF280A can produce 2700 pages. Their listed page amount depends on the test criteria: 5% coverage on each A4 paper. Do they print out the exact pages as advertised? Beware that the actual amount ought to be referred to the contents you attempt to print.

Specification CF280

Printer List:

Printers for CF280A toner:

HP Pro 400 M401 M401a M401d M401dn, M401dne, M401dw, M401n; HP Pro 400 MFP M425dn M425dw Printer.

Printers for CF280X toner:

HP P2050 P2055 P2055d P2055dn P2055x; HP Pro 400 M401 M401a M401d M401dn, M401dne, M401dw, M401n; HP Pro 400 MFP M425dn M425dw Printer.

Note: Besides the toner volume, there are a few models such as HP P2050 P2055 P2055d P2055dn P2055x that only CF280X can fit in. Just double-check the printer model prior to purchase.

Installation Video

*Friendly reminder:

  1. Gently shaking the toner cartridge from side to side before installation will improve the printing quality.
  2. Blank pages will come out if you don’t pull out the protective seal tape from the toner cartridge before installation
  3. DO NOT touch the BLUE roller part.


Keep the toner cartridge in a moderately dry and cool place. Once the cartridge is opened, please use the toner cartridge regularly lest the toner powder get clogged, which affects the printing result.

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