Common mistakes in purchasing printer cartridges

It’s easy to use a printer, but it’s not easy to buy a printer cartridge. We often get into some mistakes.

This simple guide can help you identify common mistakes in purchasing printer cartridges and help you avoid them. Let’s jump in!

Buying standard yield printer cartridge

Printer cartridges are usually sold in standard yield and high yield to meet the needs of users with different printing volumes. High yield products are generally expensive, but their printing capacity is 2 times or more than that of the standard yield. Many people prefer standard cartridges with lower prices. In fact, the cost per page of the high yield cartridges will be lower.

Let’s see the comparison below:

 OEM Brother TN730 1 PackOEM Brother TN760 1 Pack
Page Yield1200 Pages3000 Pages
Cost per Page2.9 Cents2.4 Cents

Let’s look at the Brother TN730 standard yield toner cartridge and TN760 high yield toner cartridge as an example. The cost per page of high yield TN760 is 2.4 cents, while the cost per page of the standard yield TN730 is 2.9 cents. With high yield ink cartridges, you can save 0.5 cents per page. It can save you more in the long run.

If you don’t print often and don’t want to invest a lot of money in the printer, the standard yield cartridge is optional, but for users who often use printer or print a large amount, the high yield cartridge is a more economical choice.

Buy the wrong model (easy to make mistakes)

In reality, many printer users are easy to buying the wrong cartridge models. For example, Brother TN760 and TN660 in toner cartridges, and HP 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 in ink cartridges. Not only do they have similar model names, but they also look very similar. However, the printer models they compatible are completely different and cannot be interchanged.

Due to the same size, you may be able to install the wrong ink or toner cartridges into the printer, but then your printer will appear an error message to inform you that the wrong cartridge is installed. This is because there are specific chips in the ink or toner cartridge, so that the printer can only identify a specific model of the cartridge, so as to ensure that they will not make mistakes.

Before purchasing a new replacement ink or toner cartridge, if you are not sure about your cartridge model, be sure to check the printer manual. In addition, you can search your printer model on A list of all of the compatible cartridges for your specific printer are included the printer page. It’s easy for you to get the correct cartridge and buy it directly. For example, if you search for ”Deskjet 2600” on our website and all products of “HP 65XL” will list on the page.

Unable to distinguish between toner cartridge and drum unit

Some Brother printer work with individual toner cartridge and drum unit. You need to buy it separately. However, many printer users are not familiar with the toner cartridge and drum unit, so it is easy to buy the wrong item.

In fact, there are obvious differences between toner cartridge and drum unit. The toner cartridge contains toner (powder), while the drum unit is only a shell and does not contain toner (powder).

If the prints are getting faded, you will need to replace your toner cartridge.

If you are getting blank spaces or streaks in your print, you will need to replace the drum unit.

In general, toner cartridges are replaced more frequently, while drum units generally need to be replaced after using 3 or 4 toner cartridges, because drum units have higher page yield. Taking Brother TN760 toner cartridge and DR730 drum unit as an example, the TN760 can print approximate 3,000 pages per cartridge, while DR730 can print approximate 12,000 pages per cartridge. The page yield of drum unit is 4 times that of toner cartridge, which makes the service life of drum unit longer.

Tri-color ink cartridge and individual color ink cartridge

Many users who buy color inkjet printers will think that they need to buy 4 individual color ink replacement when their print cartridge are ran out, but they are not. There is a color ink cartridge which contains three colors. It is called the tri-color ink cartridge.

What is the difference between them?

1. The position of the print head

The print heads of the cartridges are built tightly into the ink box, so it should be replaced every time the cartridge is replaced.

Individual ink cartridge does not have a built-in print head. Instead, the print head is built into the printer.

2. Different colors of ink stored in the same cartridge or in separate cartridges

Tri-color ink cartridge includes three chambers inside that are filled with cyan, magenta and yellow ink.

Individual color ink cartridge means cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridge has its own separate ink cartridge.

3. Can it be replaced separately

For tri-color ink cartridge, if there is not enough ink for a particular color, the entire cartridge must be replaced.

For Individual color ink cartridges, each color can be changed as needed.

Before purchasing ink cartridge products, please specify the type of ink cartridge you use. You can take out the original ink cartridge from the printer and see whether it is a tri-color or an individual color ink cartridge.

Thinking the OEM is the best

There is no doubt that the original ink or toner cartridge will be more compatible with your printer, because it is made by your original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

But the price of the original printer cartridge is often higher, which is like the business model of razor and blade. The original equipment manufacturer bundle printers and consumables (ink or toner cartridges). Printers are one-time trading products, while ink or toner cartridges are consumables and need to be purchased regularly. Merchants choose to offer discount on the printer, so that you can buy the printer at an affordable price, and then earn your money with high price consumables.

In fact, you can have more affordable choices on printer cartridges. V4ink compatible printer cartridge can save you a lot of money and provide you with the same amount of printing and amazing print quality at a small part of the famous brand price. For example, Brother TN760 toner cartridge mentioned earlier, the original Brother brand price quotation is $72.00. In v4ink, you can enjoy the same number of printed pages and printing effects as the original brand products for only $25.99, and save 64% compared with the original brand products. Why pay more for famous brand ink when you get comparable results at a more favorable price?

You can also apply for a free trial to experience our products! Click here to get free trial now!

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Best Home and Home office Printers of 2022

You should never underestimate the value of a good printer. With the advent of COVID-19, we can only work at home. Printers become indispensable helpers for us. A good printer can save you a lot of time and money. Therefore, you should never underestimate the value of a good home printers.

Although everyone should have a printer, it is not easy to buy a printer. The printers of various brands and functions on the market dazzle you. Before buying a printer, you should first clarify how often you print and what you need to print, which will determine what type of printer you buy.

Inkjet or Laser?

Both are very suitable for home use.

Inkjet printer is suitable for families that have high requirements for printing effect. It is usually suitable for families that mainly print photos and color charts. Inkjet printer is also suitable for less printing requirement, because the printing amount of ink cartridge is generally less. The only disadvantage is that the price of the inkjet printer and ink cartridge is relatively expensive. If the inkjet printer is not used for a long time, the nozzle is easy to be blocked.

Laser printer is more suitable for large printing volume and print regular text(e.g, text paper). Monochrome laser printer has good printing effect and low initial investment cost. Choosing a high-yield toner cartridge can also save you more money. In the long run, laser printers are the most durable and more economical.

You can get more details for: Advantages and disadvantages of laser printers and inkjet printers

Another factor to consider is the cost of ink/toner and make sure you have enough ink/toner to print everything you need (nothing is more frustrating than having a printer but no ink in the ink box). Inkjet printers use liquid ink for printing, while laser printers use toner cartridges containing powder. So even if you get a good printer deal, be sure to do some research on the printer consumables.

How to save more on printer consumables?

The price of original consumables is very expensive, and some consumables are even more expensive than printers. How to save costs on printer consumables?

Generally, the cost of compatible consumables is only a small part of the original brand cartridge, which can print the same number of pages and provide similar print quality. For example, order an original Brother TN760 toner cartridge need $72, but in v4ink, order four v4ink branded compatible TN760 toner cartridges only $59.95, with an average of $14.98 per cartridge. Using compatible cartridges will save you up to 80%.

There are many inkjet printers and laser printers suitable for home and home office. Let’s preview them first:

  • Best budget home use printer – HP DeskJet 3755
  • Best home use photo printer – Pixma iP8720
  • Best home use monochrome laser printer – Brother MFC-L2750DW
  • Best home use color laser printer – Canon Color imageClass LBP622Cdw

Best budget home use printer – HP DeskJet 3755

If you are looking for a cost-effective printer, the HP DeskJet 3755 deserves it. It only costs $73.90 with powerful functions.

This compact printer is small and wireless. It is designed to adapt to your space and life. Only 6 by 7 by 5.5 inches — about the size of a large loaf of bread, which is light and doesn’t take up space. It has the functions of copying, scanning, wireless printing, airprint and so on, which is enough for home and home office needs.

The printer uses HP 65 or HP 65XL black and tri-color ink cartridges, providing standard and high print volume cartridge sizes. The high yield option has better overall value, providing more print at a lower cost per page.

To further reduce printing costs, consider purchasing an v4ink InkSacs ink cartridge replacement for HP 65XL ink cartridges, an innovative products from v4ink that can help you save more! Each InkSacs consist of 3 HP 65XL replacement ink cartridge and a reusable OEM print head, which can print up to 1,440 pages in total. And the reusable print head can be used with the new ink cartridge up to 3 times, which is more eco-friendly and save you more money.

Best home use photo printer – Pixma iP8720

If you are looking for a photo with bright colors, natural tones, high contrast and excellent details, Canon PIXMA ip8720 is a good choice.

This high performance 6-color ink system includes gray ink for amazing detail in your black & white and color photos. A pigment-based black ink produces exceptionally crisp text. Built-In Wireless, you can print wirelessly from any Wi-Fi enabled computer around the house.

Pixma iP8720 work with Canon PGI250XL ink cartridges. V4ink provide compatible Cannon PGI250XL 6 Pieces combo pack at only $20.99, which including 1 black, 1 cyan, 1 magenta, 1 yellow, 1 gray and 1 photo black. All items are auto-produced strictly under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 STMC standard, with over 1.40 black uniform density, firm fixation, sharp printout, which are totally comparable to the originals.

Best home use monochrome laser printer – Brother MFC-L2750DW

Brother MFC-L2750dw is the latest compact All-in-One laser printer launched by Brother.  As the reliable alternative for MFC-L2740dw, Brother MFC-L2750dw has advanced printing speed of 36 ppm and helps save time with single-pass duplex (2-sided) copying and scanning via an up to 50-sheet automatic document feeder along with multi-page copying, scanning, and faxing functions, which can meet the regular printing needs of the home use.

Brother sells toner cartridges with two different capacities for the machine. The standard yield TN730 black toner cartridge prints 1200 pages at $43.99, while the high yield TN760 black toner cartridge prints 3000 pages at $78.99. The printer owner also needs to replace the DR730 drum unit from time to time, usually after using 3-4 toner cartridges. The DR730 drum unit of this machine can print about 12000 pages for $101.99.

V4ink provides you with best price alternatives to these products. V4ink Brother compatible TN760 toner cartridge 4 pack only $59.95, with an average cost of $14.98 per piece and DR730 drum unit is only $28.95 per piece.

Best home use color laser printer – Canon Color imageClass LBP622Cdw

If you need to produce a large number of professional documents – market research reports, business proposals or brochures – Canon color imageCLASS lbp622cdw will be your best choice. This machine can provide almost professional quality, but the price is cheaper than you think (only $295.00), which make it become a great choice for home or home office.

With a professional ultra-high printing speed of 40ppm, you can save more time for a large number of printing.

The Canon Color imageClass LBP622Cdw printer uses standard yield 054 and high yield 054H toner cartridges. Canon also provides 4 color combo pack option for Canon Color imageClass LBP622Cdw printer, but the price is so expensive ($299.00 from Amazon), which is more expensive than buying a new printer.

V4ink brand compatible toner cartridges are great way lower your printing costs, offering the same page yield and printing effect as the original Canon brand for just $143.99 for a 4 color combo pack.

V4ink also provides you with free trial. Click here to get more detail!

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How to buy the correct ink cartridge for your printer?

As we all know, different types of printers need to be used with different series of ink cartridges or toner cartridges. When a cartridge runs out of ink, you must replace it with the correct cartridge for your printer to work correctly. But for the users who first time to buy a printer cartridge, it will be a big problem to find the correct one for their printer. Is there any way for them to find out the correct model?

Check the package box your printer came in

The compatible printer cartridge model is clearly shown on most printer packages.

Ink cartridge Carrier

The printer’s cartridge number is usually printed on the top or front of the ink cartridge carrier on a sticker. The sticker also contains ink cartridge colors – black, magenta, yellow and cyan. If what your printer use is a color cartridge that combines all three colors (magenta, yellow, and cyan), the color cartridge contains a single number instead of three. The correct number can also be found on each cartridge itself.

Printer manual

Usually, you can find the corresponding model series of the printer in the printer manual or printer guide.

Visit the manufacturer’s website

You can also find your printer model on the manufacturer’s website. The appropriate cartridge should be listed on the printer page. Look for the part number of the ink cartridge on the specification sheet or under the supplies section of the printer page.

Search through browser

Enter your printer model in the search box of Google browser.For example,Search “HP Officejet Pro 6968” + “ink cartridge”, you will get the correct cartridge “HP 902”, “HP 902XL” and “HP 906XL” ink cartridges for your printer

Search it on

You can also search your printer model on A list of all of the compatible cartridges for your specific printer are included the printer page. It’s easy for you to get the correct cartridge and buy it directly. For example, if you search for ”Deskjet 2600” on our website and all products of “HP 65XL” will list on the page.

Contact us for help

If you still can not confirm your printer cartridge, please feel freely to contact us, we’d be happy to help you find the correct cartridge for your printer.

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