V4ink HP Brand Week, only Three Days Left

Brother printer, HP printer, Canon printer which one is your favorite? Brother focus on black and white printers, while HP and Canon focus on color printers. If you are using HP printers, don’t miss this V4ink HP brand week. Because you’ll get a 12% discount, only this week!

The characteristics of HP printers:

(1) Double-sided printing speed: HP double-sided and single-sided printing, reduce office costs, improve work efficiency;

(2) Save energy and save electricity more: HP uses 0 second preheating technology to improve the home page output time, printing speed significantly improved, more power-saving;

(3) Intelligent color control software to control the cost of color playing: HP’s intelligent color control software can intelligently manage color printing, so that your color toner cartridge can be used more fully without waste.

(4) The printing effect and quality are better, the machine is durable, and it is not easy to cause trouble.

The characteristics of HP toner cartridges:

The powder of the HP toner cartridge are more delicate, but also environmental protection with biological wax, printing effect is clear, black is full, ink is not easy to fall off; color powder is bright. Hewlett-Packard toner cartridge is generally divided into high and low page output, suitable for users with different print demand. In addition, HP toner cartridge has a long service life and is suitable for office and home use.

Reasons for choosing V4ink compatible toner cartridge:

(1) Benefit: Only 1/3 of the price of the original toner cartridge.

(2) The quality of products is good: the printing effect is almost the same as the original, and the page yield is consistent with the original even more than the original.

(3) High quality after-sales service: 2-year warranty guarantee, if received products with quality problems can be replaced or refunded free of charge.

Which models are worth recommending:

Hp CF400X toner cartridge and HP 410X toner cartridges are two popular models of V4ink. The product is affordable and the page yield is sufficient, averaging less than $0.01 per page. This week’s purchases can save you 12% by using the coupon code: HPWEEK and the campaign ends on January 20.