7 Tips for Using HP Toner Cartridges

No matter what type of printer in the use of the process will have a certain degree of loss, let alone the toner cartridge itself is consumable, so in the use of HP toner cartridge, should also pay attention to the relevant matters. In order to ensure the normal operation of the HP toner cartridge you purchased, V4ink provide the following suggestions for your reference:

The most important of these is that laser printers, like computers, are best placed in a clean environment to achieve the best printing effect and reduce the impact of dust in the air on printers and consumables. Please put the toner cartridge into the corresponding laser printer in the right direction. Do not open the selenium drum shade and touch the surface of the drum. Do not turn the moving light drum. Here are other considerations:

1.It is forbidden to use or store HP toner cartridge in high temperature, high humidity and cold environment to avoid long-term exposure to strong light.

2.HP toner cartridge should not tear the black packaging bag when not in use, and should not open the cover plate of the photosensitive toner casually so as to avoid the damage of the drum core caused by scratch or strong light. Although there is no packaging bag in the new consumables, do not open the packaging to expose the photosensitive cartridge.

3.Don’t touch the toner cartridge core or rotate the drum core by hand. When the cartridge core rotates, pay attention to the direction. If the rotation direction is not correct, it will damage the parts and cause powder leakage or print stains.

4.Don’t tear the seal before HP toner cartridge is used. Otherwise, the toner will be easily damped and caked, resulting in light printing color.

5.When replacing HP toner cartridge, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner or soft cloth to clean the remaining ink or paper scraps in the printer. Do not blow directly with your mouth to avoid carbon powder inhalation or flow into the printer.

6.HP toner cartridge(e.g HP 201X) should shake the handle horizontally 4-5 times before it comes on the new machine, so that the toner is loose and evenly distributed, and then pull out the sealing strip, which is conducive to printing uniform color, and the new consumables on the new line can be used directly without shaking.

7. When choosing to print paper, do not use wrinkle, uneven incision or too thick, too hard and other printing media, otherwise it will affect the quality of printing and shorten the life of the photosensitive drum.