How to Install CF230X Toner for Your HP Printer?

A new cf230x needs to be installed correctly into your HP printer then it can exert its biggest role. Come to follow the steps below and prepare to replace the new toner cartridge for your laser printers!

  1. Take out the original cf230x cartridge which has been used up;Take out cf230x toner
  2. Unpack the new cf230x toner cartridge;unpack cf230x compatible
  3. Gently shake the new cartridge from side to side to distribute the carbon powder;shake cf230x cartridge
  4. Pull the sealing tape form the end of the cf230 cartridge to remove the entire length of tape. Do remember, if the tape not be removed entirely it will cause your laser printer can’t work properly;Pull the sealing tape form cf230x
  5. Then slightly remove the protective cover;remove the cf230x protective cover
  6. .Install the cf230x drum unit into the HP printer;Install cf230x drum unit
  7. After place the drum unit well, you can install the new cfe230x toner into the printer;install new cf230x toner
  8. Finally close the front cover and connect the power supply.close the front cover

    In general speaking, if the new cartridge you buy is original one, you printer may work properly as your wish. But if the cf230x toner cartridges you buy are compatible ones, you need to operate some setting to get your printer working properly: you find there is the “Non-HP Print Cartridges” error when you use the printer. Don’t be worry, it’s a common error when you install a compatible toner cartridges. But you can use the cartridge directly by pressing “ok” or “√” button to do what your printer indicates. Never mind the compatible cf230x cartridge will damage your printer or void your printer warranty unless the cartridges are counterfeits or inferior products.

    HP 30x cf230x toner belongs to the typical split-type toner cartridges. Only combine the toner and drum unit can the whole operation finish and the work come into effect. Therefore, the above installation methods are also applicable to the installation or replacement of other similar toner cartridges, such as cf217a toner, cf219a drum unit. Learn now, and easily install your new printer cartridges!