How to Improve Our Printer Consumables Work Efficiently in Our Daily Life?

Making our printer consumables work efficiently is the concerning problem for every people. The mainly printer consumables include the toner cartridge and the ink cartridges. As we all know that the toner cartridge is the core of the laser machines such as copier, but what questions we should pay attention to in the daily use? In fact, learn some skills in the short time, you can highly improve your work efficiency, such as how to deal with some troubles when printing? Now let us have detailed understandings about that.

01 Only move your fingers such as turning a few circles

The problem of powder leakage may annoy you for some days, especially for you do not have no ideal to solve it. Here are situations leading to this problem. One it’s the toner cartridges you use have add powder for many time that its service life has come to end up. At that time, you should change the new toner for your printer. Otherwise it may account for other severe problems such as extremely damage your printer. The other is much more carbon powder accumulates in magnetic roller that leads to serious powder leakage. The solution is simple that changing a new cartridge or just turn the drum core in the same direction around a few times.

02 clean up toner cartridge internal structures

If you find out there are some thin black channels in the printed materials, or the printed texts is very dirty , the main reasons for appearing this problem is that there are some wastepaper stick to wiper blade rather than the powder cause this problem. Cleaning the wiper blade carefully with a clean cloth is the most effective way to solve this problem. Always remember that don’t leave the water enter inside of the toner cartridge, or it will be broken easily.

03 change the brand new toner

Many people may be confused that their printed color is not uneven or the font color gradually turns pale in their materials. Don’t be worried, the first time you should check out your magnetic roller, if you find there is no carbon powder in it, which indicate that the toner is use up and you should add toner or purchase a new cartridge. But if there are much more bottom ash in your printed files, you should change the new toner or the drum core right away.  There are two reasons can explain for it: one is the toner you buy is the inferior one, the other reason is that the service life of the toner come to an end.

How to make your laser printer more available?

Maintain the printer correctly can prolong the toner cartridge’s service life. So if the cartridge you own belongs to add powder frequently, it’s necessary to clean up the internal structure of the machine. You can use the wet cloth to clean up the printer appearance, of course, make sure turn off the electricity and won’t let water enter the inside of the panel. After that, you can wipe the pickup roller with another clean cloth with some alcohol. When the alcohol in pickup roller has dried up, you can turn on the power to go through the printing tests. Generally speaking, you need to shake the paper lightly because this helps to easily to print the text and avoid the paper jam that affects the work efficiency. It’ recommended that use the vacuum cleaner to stick up some toner for the toner is difficult to be found by our own eyes. If this old toner do not completely clean up, it’s easy to influence the printing results or cause machine malfunction.

To sum up, only combination the practical maintenance tips and the physical truth can you how to solve the problems and acquire the ideal printing effects in the late use and further improve your printer consumable used efficiency.