How much does a printer cost? How to save the run cost?

How much does a printer cost?

Printers range from under $100 to over $1000, but it’s not just the printer itself that will cost you money. Running costs and print-per-page costs are the associated expenses that can make you think your bank account has sprung a leak. Ink and toner is the way the manufacturers make their money in this market.

The costs of running a printer include:

  • The purchase price
  • The unit cost of ink or toner cartridges,
  • The cost of paper,
  • The cost of electricity to keep your printer on stand-by.

How to save the printer run cost?

  • Draft mode – most printers will let you select a draft mode for printing, which will use less toner. This may be all you need for general text documents. Likewise, check the software settings for a black-only mode, which will avoid mixing in colour toner with black. Some printers do this to produce super-rich blacks for high-quality prints, but it’s unnecessary and costly for general printing.
  • Duplexing (automatically printing both sides) – convenient and cuts paper costs. It’s also more environmentally friendly.
  • Outsource – specialist photographic kiosk machines at shopping centres or online services can output glossy standard size (5×7, 6×4) photos at only a few cents per print. Take advantage of advertised low-cost offers to print a lot of photos at one session. Online services can also print your photos in specially designed ready-made photo albums, calendars and cards. Search the web for “online photo service” to find the best deals.
  • Compatible cartridges – you can use compatible cartridges from other manufacturers, but be careful. If your cheap alternatives are defective, they might leak toner or ink into your printer and you’ll have serious difficulty cleaning it up. (One tip: spilled toner powder can often be removed with adhesive tape without touching sensitive surfaces). I would recommend V4ink to my friends, it’s much better than most of compatible toner cartridge brand, and also they do have good customer services.
  • Cartridges can be bought online, and often (particularly laser cartridges with high unit cost) delivered free of charge within a day or two, so you can almost certainly save money by shopping around.
  • Refill, recycle – refilling your cartridges could save you money over buying new ones each time. Note that not all models have cartridges suitable for refilling. If that’s the way you want to go, check with your local cartridge recycler for pricing and availability before buying your printer.
  • Power costs – these are usually negligible (less than $10 per year), but watch out for those printers we flag as poor on power consumption.