Why Are Portable Wide Format Handheld Inkjet Printers Recommended?

A portable wide format handheld inkjet printer is easy to carry and can print a variety of contents on objects at any time. Compared with ordinary handheld printers, it has a larger print height to print large characters, logos, pictures, etc., and has a wider application industry, helping companies greatly improve work efficiency and increase productivity. Next, don’ miss an introduction to this type of printer.

Introduction of Portable Wide Format Handheld Inkjet Printer

Using wide format handheld printer, you can print text, number, symbol, QR code, barcode (UPC code), time, date, temperature, logo, picture, etc. such as the barcode and expiration date on food packaging can be realized by the handheld printer at one time.

With the wide format features, the type of printer with a printing height up to 100mm, can perfectly meet large print on demand in your business, such as shipping logos in the logistics industry, clothes patterns in the apparel industry, packaging pictures in the retail industry and much more. In addition, the printer can print on wood, cloth, fabrics, carton box, plastic, glass and many more surfaces, so it also widely used in kinds of scenarios. 

  • Packaging and wrapping,
  • Logistic
  • Warehouse management
  • Construction
  • Advertising

The Most Recommended Portable Wide Format Handheld Printers

V4ink Bentsai B80 or B85 wide format handheld inkjet printer can greatly boost productivity. B80 and B85 can be used in production line for automated continuous printing by connecting to a conveyor belt and a photoelectric sensor, improve work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

What is the difference between v4ink Bentsai B80 and B85 printer?

The only difference between the two model is that B80 only prints on water absorbing surfaces such as carton, cardboard, cement, wood, fabric, plasterboard, fiberboard, etc. with water-based ink; while B85 can work with water-based ink or solvent quick dry ink to print on both absorbent and non- absorbent surfaces including plastic, PVC, glass, chinaware, aluminum foil, metal, concrete and many more.

Technical Parameters

Aside from the above-mentioned differences in printing materials and ink cartridges, B80 and B85 wide format handheld printer have the same appearance and function.

Printer ModelWide Format Inkjet Printer B80Wide Format Inkjet Printer B85
Machine Size239x182x117mm239x182x117mm
Machine Weight1.25KG/2.75LB(with battery)1.25KG/2.75LB(with battery)
Ink CartridgeWater-based (EB21s) inkWater-based (EB21s) inkSolvent fast dry (EB22s) ink
Printing MaterialPorous materialsPorous materialsNon-porous materials
Printing Height2.5-100mm2.5-100mm
Printer languageEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian and TurkishEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian and Turkish
Internal Storage8GB8GB
Battery capacity6000mAh6000mAh

Refillable Ink Feature

It is worth mentioning that the water-based ink used in the B80 and B85 is refillable. The B80 printer package contains a refill syringe and a pack of four 28ml black refill inks, so after the EB21B black water-based ink cartridge is used up, it can be refilled up to three times for continued use, allowing you reduce the cost of aqueous ink.

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How do v4ink Handheld Printers work in Food Packaging, Healthcare and Skincare Industry?

V4ink decided to enter into a new era by refreshing its own industry structure, stretching to handheld printer production sector.

Why we engage in that new product? It arouses the attention from the customers who run a small or medium enterprise, even an infant company, and are seeking a multitasking printer in their production line. Instead of applying a cumbersome and mediocre machine or single-functioned labeller, v4ink portable printers will make you better understand their potentials in different industries.

Food packaging

With the help of handheld printer, contents such as date code, logo, best before date, expire date, real time and net weight can be easily printed on the food packaging materials that are plastics, paper bag, carton and wooden box. Will the contents be removable? No. Unless you rub the contents with alcohol, they will stay the same in vivid color. Will the ink permeate the paper bag and get the food soaked? No. A few seconds is enough to get the printed contents dry.


At present, handheld printers are widely accepted in Healthcare industry. Printing batch code and barcode number orderly seems smarter than adjusting the digits manually and repeatedly. Just press the button on the handle, the ink will be printed out smoothly even on the round plastic bottle and foil.


For your beauty brand or skincare brand product, the regular packing materials like Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polypropylene Plastic (PP), glass as well as metal have been taken into account. The premium ink formulas enable the printed contents much more adhesive to a label or the container. When using the handheld printer, you can create customized slogans or upload your well-designed logo in a picture format which makes the product looks stylish and personalized.

Warm tips for buyers

Before you place an order, please read the product information carefully. The function and printing materials will depend on models (Handheld printer and ink cartridge). If you are not sure about which one satisfies your demand, please get in touch with us directly.

Article source: https://shop.v4ink.com/blogs/news/how-do-v4ink-handheld-printers-work-in-food-packaging-healthcare-and-skincare-industry

New Product: v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer(BT-HH6105)

Want to set up and print on a small assembly line, but be worry about the high cost of large printing machine?

Want to print on different materials at any time, but the current desktop printers can not satisfy the requirements?

I think v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer will be perfect for you.

v4ink BENTSAI Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer (BT-HH6105) can meet a variety demand of small business printing work and DIY work, include functions of text, numbers, symbols, QR-codes, barcodes, pictures, time, expire date, DIY logos, tags, and any kind of printing work is available to be printed out. With fast drying and water-resistant ink, the handheld printer can print colorful and smooth text and the print is very clear and strong adhesion.In addition, it can print on most materials.

(PS: There are three models(BT-HH6105B1 / BT-HH6105B2 / BT-HH6105B3) of this Handheld Mobile Inkjet printer, and their functions are somewhat different.)

The characteristics and advantages of theare obvious:

  • 【Portable and Intelligent】

As its appearance, it is an ergonomic design. With 4.3″ HD color LCD touch screen which displays image clearly and is touch-sensitive, and merely weight 450g, the handheld Inkjet printer is very comfortable and portable to hold and print. As its intelligent,it can work in many situations. Combined with the support stand and conveyor belt, it can be used in an assembly line. And with unique hardware protection scheme, v4ink BENTSAI Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer can install the ink cartridge when it is turned on. It is no need to worry about damaging the nozzle.

  • 【Professional and Practical】

Support 1 to 5 Lines of Printing; The maximum of font height is 12.7mm, and minimum is 2.5mm; The maximum of single printing length is 406mm. The Highest Resolution of the Printed Picture is 4800px *150px. Support PNG, JPEG, BMP Picture Format; Print above 100000 characters per cartridge on smallest size. Two adjustable print precision–300dpi and 600dpi can be choose; The maximum speed of jet printing reach 60m / min(under 300dpi).Available in 17 languages ( Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French, Italian,Portuguese and so on). Based on all of this professional features, This handheld Mobile inject printer is able to meet most of your based printing requirements.

  • 【Print on Diverse Materials】

v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer (BT-HH6105) can be printed on varies of porous or semi-porous surfaces, include wood, cloth, paper, fabric, carton, box, envelope, paper bag, plasterboard, fiberboard and so on.

  • 【Various Ink boxes】

The printer supports a variety of colors of ink, including black, white, red, yellow, blue, green and transparent, which can meet your different needs; and the ink is real fast drying and waterproof, as a result, you don’t have to worry about the printing will be easily wiped off.

v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer is practical and convenient. It can be applied in a variety of jet printing (including but not limited to package printing, marking,designing). More wonderful function, waiting for you to discover.

Article source:https://www.v4ink.com/New-product-v4ink-BENTSAI-Portable-Handheld-Mobile-Inkjet-Printer