Are Compatible Toners OK for My Printer?

If you have a printer in your office or at your home, you must have already met the problem about how to choose a replace toner cartridge. Of course OEM toners are the best for your printer, but they are really expensive when comparing with compatible toners.

To avoid copyright and patent law issues, compatible toners are usually made with all new parts including the cartridge case, and you may not notice the slight variances until you put the compatible toner into your printer. Some of them may fit too snugly or too loosely, and both of these would compromise the quality of your printing jobs. But of course, there also exist some compatible toners which perform very well, even matching the OEM ones in quality. The quality of compatible toners is where the manufacturer’s brand reputation come into play.

It may take time and energy to find trustworthy compatible toner cartridges brands, but getting to know which brand is reliable will save you much money and time in the long run.

Apart from the price, another two big differences between compatible toners and OEM toners are the page yield and printout quality. When talking about quality, we should get start with the plastics used to manufacture the compatible toners. Thickness of the plastics can be a big difference, poor-quality plastics can make the cartridge more fragile in use than it appears and causing the fit problems. Other parts like the seal could fail and cause the leaking problem.

Some manufactures are willing to take responsibility with their failed toners, but that doesn’t make up for your time lost because of long time delivery or refund. So not only brands are important, but the place you buy them also means a lot.

Among all the compatible toner cartridges, there also exist some remanufactured ones. Remanufactured toner cartridges are made with original toner cases and sometimes have new parts replacing the original parts. If you don’t like renewed things, this may sound not cool. But actually remanufactured toners are much more friendly to our environment because they use less natural resources.

In short, whether you’re buying compatible toners or OEM toners, make sure you are using a brand and vendor that you can trust, or at least you can check the existed reviews and then make your own judgement. Once you find the reliable brand, you can save considerable money on toner cartridges.