Our Leader Asked Me to Buy a Toner Cartridge…

When I first joined the company, I was just an ordinary printer.

One day, the toner cartridge of the office printer are ran out. Our leader asked me to buy a set of toner cartridge online. Our company used the color LaserJet Pro MFP M274n printer. I noticed that the corresponding model was HP 131A toner set. I saw the original one demand of $315 in Amazon and I did not hesitate to buy it after reading and evaluating it.

After receiving the product to our leader, our leader immediately got mad.

He took out his mobile phone and opened the V4ink website to tell me that it was not easy for a startup company to operate. Why did I spend money in a random way? Don’t I know that buying compatible toner cartridges can save a lot of money? I took a look at the mobile phone, V4ink 131A combo pack 4 pack only cost $56.99, I was shocked, how can it be so cheap, compatible toner cartridge price is only 1/5 of the original one. After being criticized by my boss, I decided to have a good understanding of the toner cartridge industry.

The present situation of toner cartridge:

At present, there are three main types of toner cartridge in printer toner cartridge market, which are original OEM toner cartridge, compatible toner cartridge and remanufactured toner cartridge.

The difference of this three types of toner cartridge:

Original toner cartridge: the best quality, the most expensive price, good after-sales service.

Compatible toner cartridge: Manufactured by a third-party manufacturer, the price is affordable, but the quality and service are uneven.

Remanufacturing toner cartridge: Re-filling toner by recycling used toner cartridge to make it reusable, the lowest price, but the worst quality, easy to leak powder phenomenon.

Generally speaking, compatible toner cartridge is most suitable for start-up companies, especially for high-quality compatible toner cartridge. The printing effect is almost comparable to that of original toner cartridge. If you want high quality, you should choose the original toner cartridge. In addition, it is better not to use the remanufactured toner cartridge, because it is not only prone to powder leakage, but also damages your printer equipment, later maintenance costs are higher, not worth the loss.

How to make an unforgettable Halloween for child by a printer?

Before preparing for a Halloween party, first of all, as a protagonist, you must be surprised and pleased to be on the stage. Think about who you are playing Halloween this year, witch. Vampire? Or do you wear red lips and blue nose to make a Halloween clown? Whimsy sometimes seems to be embarrassed in front of cost. Don’t worry, this year’s Halloween, you just need to prepare a printer and a V4ink compatible toner cartridge, you and your children can create an unforgettable surprise!

Making Halloween masks
You just need to download your favorite mask or other Halloween party decorations from the Internet, load the V4ink toner cartridge into your printer in advance, and print it out through your printer. V4ink understands your needs in particular. From Oct. 22 to Oct. 31, they hold a 18% OFF activity in the whole store. All we need is a discount code: PUMPKIN, and you can enjoy the discount and free shipping. Even a 4-Pack HP 201X color set only $63.95 after discount. So you don’t have to worry about the cost of printing too much in preparation. Just print out the pictures you want and enjoy Halloween.

Making Halloween pumpkin lantern
When Halloween comes, children can’t wait to put on colorful costumes, wear strange masks, carry pumpkin made of “Jack Lamp” to run from house to house, asking adults for holiday gifts.
Although it’s unlikely that we’ll play trick or treat pranks with pumpkin lanterns, a delicate pumpkin lantern will definitely enhance the festive atmosphere of Halloween Party. You can search on the Internet and download the pumpkin lamp material, put the V4ink toner cartridge into your printer in advance, through the printer will print out the Halloween pumpkin lamp three-dimensional paper model, low cost, easy to make, hands-on, a three-dimensional pumpkin lamp on the success! You can also bring your children together to create, both to enhance parent-child relationship, but also to enjoy the fun of DIY.

Making little Halloween gifts
A perfect Halloween party, in addition to colorful decorations and interesting interactive games, of course, there are all kinds of intimate Halloween gifts around. Ritual is not important, but diligently. How to make small gifts on Party not expensive and full of novelty and creativity? You only need a printer and V4ink compatible tonere cartridge.

Preload V4ink compatible toner cartridge into your printer, download Halloween-themed stickers and all sorts of weird cards, print them out through the printer, and put pictures of you and your friends on the spot in Party, interesting and innovative! After Party, you can also use a printer to print out the wonderful moments of the day, making DIY stickers, calendars, postcards, mobile phone shells and other products, and share happy memories with good friends!

V4ink printer toner 100% compatible with your printer height restore the color of the pixels, easy to install, as long as you install into the printer, you can print cute paper mask, pumpkin lamp paper mold and even a variety of interesting decorative material, is really convenient and economical. If you want this Halloween to be more meaningful? What are you waiting for? Let’s go to V4ink and choose the right compatible toner cartridges.

What are the Advantages of Compatible Toner Cartridge?

What are the advantages of compatible toner cartridge? I guess it’s the difficult questions for the customer. The advantage of compatible product is low cost, which is the biggest temptation for users to choose to use it. How much is a 100g bulk powder? Also about 20 yuan, a brand compatible with the toner drum? About 80-200 yuan (this is the average price, maybe higher), so these correspondences can be printed about 1600 pages, compared with the original cost of consumables, natural good.

“Cheap is not good, good is not cheap.” This is not always true, but in most cases, it does exist as truth. The biggest advantage of compatible cartridge is low cost, but this is limited to printing costs, not use costs, and other. The most common form of market existence for compatible cartridgeis powder filling. This act of completely squeezing the physical life of the printing drum is actually a joke with the printer itself and our own bodies. If powder filling is involved, it is accompanied by the possibility of powder leakage.

Some users are faced with warning issues after they’re replacing in a compatible cartridge. The printer is designed to warn that you’re not using an OEM toner cartridge and it won’t properly function, or even cause damage to your printer. However, this might result from improper installation of the chip in the new cartridge. The machine detects that it has no chip or has badly located chip, which it consider you’re using compatible toner, it will try to stop you from opening the world to cheap toner cartridge world. Even you’re using genuine toner, it just can’t promise you the best printing performance each time. Some compatible manufacturers seek for high quality components to product built while others just want to make money. It’s because these mercenary businessmen that discredit the whole industry, consumers couldn’t truly believe compatible laser toner. Anyway, if you still worry about these question, just buy one and try it.