Some Common Sense of Ink & Toner Cartridge

The ink cartridge is a consumable material, need to be replaced frequently, understand the characteristics of the ink cartridge, master the installation method, and make your printer handy. Store the ink cartridge at room temperature, avoid sunlight, store strong light and heat source before the ink cartridge is installed on the machine. Do not tear the outer packaging of the ink cartridge and the air seal. After the ink cartridge is unpacked, please install it to the printer as soon as possible. Go up, otherwise it may cause the ink cartridge to leak or not emit color for the best printing effect. Please use it within six months after installing the ink cartridge.

When the ink finish indicator light starts to flash during the printing process, it means that the ink is about to run out. At this time, several sheets can be continuously printed until the indicator light stops flashing, and the printer stops printing. At this time, the ink cartridge installation ink cartridge should be replaced immediately. Follow the instructions on the printer’s instructions to remove the airtight seal, but do not remove the other seals at will, otherwise the ink will leak every time a new cartridge is installed.

Generally, the print head should be cleaned 3-5 times (please clean the print head at least once).

When any one of the ink cartridges has no ink or is not installed, even if there is ink in other ink cartridges, the printer will not work. Once the new ink cartridge is dropped, cut the ink cartridge before replacing it. Do not remove unless you want to replace the ink cartridge, do not open the cartridge protection clip, otherwise the cartridge may no longer be used. Do not put your hand into the printer or touch the cartridge while the printer is working.

When you use the ink cartridge, please seal the bottom inkjet port with a transparent adhesive tape and seal it with a plastic bag. Give it to the dealer at the place where you purchased it for the manufacturer to check and judge the quality of the cartridge. Do not use ink cartridges that are longer than the expiration date.