Three Best Printer Replacement Toner Cartridge in 2021

2021 is around the corner. I believe there are many wonderful moments in 2020 worth recalling. Take advantage of the new year, start with a high-quality printer to print out all your memories and keep them forever!

V4ink has sorted out three of the best printer toners you can’t miss in 2021. If you haven’t bought a printer yet, you can put them on your list!

Best Price Toner Cartridge – Brother TN660 Toner Cartridge

If you are looking for the most affordable printer cartridge, Brother TN660 cartridge will be your best choice.

V4ink Brother TN660 compatible toner cartridge costs $15.39 and can print up to 2600 pages at a cost of $0.006 per page.

Suitable for Brother hl-l2300d, hl-l2320d, hl-l2340dw, hl-l2360dw, hl-l2380dw, mfc-l2700dw, mfc-l2707dw, mfc-l2720dw, mfc-l2740dw, dcp-l2520dw, dcp-l2540dw printers.

TN660 is a high-yield toner cartridge, and the price is low, suitable for families and small office crowd. Moreover, the quality of TN660 is stable and the printing effect is excellent.

Best Quality Toner Cartridge – HP 202X CF500X Toner Cartridge

HP 202X CF500X is one of the high-yield laser toner replacement, which can reduce the cost of each page to achieve frequent printing effect. HP CF500X toner cartridge is very outstanding in 2020. One is that it has the least customer complaints, which indicates that this product is of excellent quality. The other is that it is the best-selling product among all color toner cartridge products, which indicates that it has great market potential.

V4ink HP 202X CF500X with the upgraded version chips; Premium toner is used for printing documents on plain paper and ensures crisp, sharp text.

Best choice printer cartridge – Brother TN760 Tone Cartridge

Last but not least! Brother TN760 replacement cartridge has become one of the best choices that users liked the most nowadays! Print more and cost less: 3,200 pages per black toner cartridge and 2,500 pages per color toner cartridge based on 5% coverage (letter/A4), and equipped with the features below: Durable Quality for Excellent Imaging, Unexpected Compatibility for Your Printer, Unbeatable Services from Professional Team and Eco-friendly Design to Save the Earth.

Which of the above toner cartridges do you prefer? If you have a better toner cartridge, please share it with us.

Only for Best Prints! HP Printer With CF500A/X Refresh Printing Height!

Time back in March 2015, Hewlett-Packard in the United Sates released a new generation of Laser Jet series of print products, which had attracted the attention of the printer industries. The series printers of M277dw with its small body, new ColorShpere3 carbon powder technology, brilliant white appearance, was awarded with the title ” super white”. Two years later, today HP has released the Color laserJet Pro MFP M280nw color laser printers, a new generation of the “super white” and its upgraded version toner-cf500A/X, and how they refresh the glory of the previous generation on the supremacy throne? What are the highlights of the release of HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M280nw and its print consumabsles? Let us have a full understanding about it.

  • Smaller volume, more paper capacity

It is difficult to break for subsequent model of the classic products in general, but in the first generation of HP M280nw classic product has made progress in “small” and “light”. HP M280nw fuselage size is only 420 mm * 389 mm * 334 mm, and the product weight is 18 Kg, compared with the former generation product, a 4% reduction in volume, the increase in weight of 0.6 Kg. Perhaps the previous 150-pages paper capacity is highly controversial. HP M280nw uses a built-in paper method, which can hold 100 pages of regular paper, the same as the previous one. At the bottom of the fuselage, the product is ready to label a 250-page enclosed paper box. The ADF feed scan unit at the top of the HP M280nw fuselage is able to accommodate at least 50 pages of regular documents, and fully meet the demand for paper. ‘s characteristics is on a scanning platform edge, it adopts the narrow edge design, not only conforms to the present stage the user’s aesthetic idea, more reduced the product scan unit volume and the weight, more convenient user access scan scanned media platforms.

  • New generation cf500a/x make it high effective for people

The biggest bright spot on the HP M280nw fuselage is not smaller volume, faster output speed, but rather a new HP 202A smart toner platform with HP smart technology’s JetIntelligence. This new HP 202A Series Intelligent Cartridge Platform is the product to achieve smaller size and faster output speed basis. The HP M280nw JetIntelligence new intelligent cartridge platform on HP M280nw adopted smaller HP ColorSphere3 powdered carbon, making it have printed 33% more than the same weight of ordinary carbon powder, and carbon powder on more solid shell and a lower melting point in providing faster output basis at the same time, reducing the energy consumption of the product. Smaller toner brings far more than that, it can provide users with smoother print quality at the same resolution, and the new HP 202A Series like cf500a Intelligent Drum Platform on the HP M280nw is nominally printable 1400 Black pages or 1300 pages of color documents. But for uses with larger print needs, they can also choose to print 3200 black and white or 2600 pages of color larger supplies.

  • Only five steps are required to drive the installation

We use the HP M280nw CD-ROM drive installation and the traditional USB connection, through the actual use of we see that the product driver installation is relatively simple, and the users can click the mouse five times to complete the whole process. In the HP M280nw print properties, we can see that the product features quite detailed allocation, the user can make a choice in print the paper / quality, effects, binding, color and so on, which is more convenient for uses to make a choice. Although the HP M280nw is not equipped with an automatic duplexing unit, users can set up manual duplexing to contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection.

  •  Continuation of the previous generation of print quality

Thanks to HP’s ColorSphere3 carbon powder- CF500A/X toner, HP M280nw has overshadowed similar rival products printed at 600dpi. Through the test drawings, we can see that HP M280nw printing is accurate, the edges are smooth, the paper is cleaner, and the color transition is more fluent and smooth, which means you can get more reassuring print supplies and graphics.

As an industry innovation significance of products, HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M280nw Color laser multi-function equipment volume in the fuselage, home page output speed, experience, print quality, cf500Aa/x toner, the power consumption and so on various aspects all can effortlessly meet the needs of different users with Color printing requirements.

But the prices of the HP cf500A/X are higher than other ordinary toners as you can imagine. The price of the HP cf500A toner is $ 64.99 in amazon and $ 96.99 in the cf500x. This is a big burden for most people, if you have to pay for an original toner especially the color toner cartridges. But the latest good news is that there will be lots of compatible HP cf500A/X on V4ink for big sales! Give you the same printing results as the originals and present the clear printed contents. Devoting to create the healthy and solid quality satisfaction, V4ink compatible cf500A/X toner is not at the expense of quality for the price. Come to focus on V4ink, acquiring the latest news of latest products to save even more money on high-tech print consumables!