Is the OEM chip reusable?

Smart chip

Per tested, OEM chip is reusable and applicable for 3 new v4ink No-chip toner cartridges. No-chip toner such as CF258A and CF258X reutilize the OEM chip to complete the entire installation procedure.

Chip does have its life span. It cannot be extended once you see the printout becomes blurred. So don’t overuse the chip in case of any underperforming printout. Want to keep using our No-chip toner? Don’t worry, remaining the chip after using the OEM toner cartridge is feasible to start next round.

Beware of handling chip as the smart chip is physically tiny. 3 tips below will enable a fast and proper installation.

Tip 1: DO NOT scratch or damage the chip.

Tip 2: Insert the OEM chip into our v4ink no-chip toner in a correct direction. (An illustrative picture is pasted near the chip’s slot)

chip position

Tip 3: Keep the chip dust-free. Use a dry cloth to clean the chip if dust adheres.

It’s worth mentioning that customer can remove the chip from our CF258X remanufactured toner for intended use with our v4ink No-chip CF258A or No-chip CF258X toner. Also chip is reusable for 3 new v4ink No-chip toner cartridges.

Chip life circle

No wonder that using v4ink with-chip CF258A compatible toner is the best way to skip the chip-transferring procedure. It has the same starter-friendly installation mode as the original. Sometimes, the printer will notify you of the “NON-HP” and “Firmware update” message. If you want to go on using compatible toner in a hassle-free way, switching off the related setup not only does no harm to your printers, but it renders the printing job goes smoothly without interceptive warning.

See the instruction below to disable the “Cartridge Policy” and “Update option” function respectively.

To shut off “Cartridge Policy”:

Cartridge Policy

To disable the “Update Option”:

Update option 1
Update Option 2

Kind reminder: Presently, regarding the pre-set serial number, customer can only use 2 new CF258A or CF258X compatible toners on the same printer. If using the third one, the printer won’t recognize it by demonstrating an error message. Once the 2 compatible with-chip toners are used up, customer can choose to use remanufactured or original toner cartridge.

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Something you should know for proper CF258A toner installation

CF258A No-chip toner

This article is a collection to itemize several misoperations in using v4ink CF258A toner, which will be much helpful for the starter.

To make the followings comprehensible and well accepted, we’re about to illustrate the cases according to the product category. Viewers can find the concerning descriptive point based on your CF258A version.

Cases study for v4ink No-chip CF258A toner:

  1. Install the toner into the printer straightforwardly without inserting the chip on it

Toner should work with the chip which is used for printer to detect the data. Please do have an OEM cartridge or OEM chip well prepared, and process the chip-insertion as the picture shown below prior to the final installation.

CF258 chip-installation
  1. OEM chip is damaged

Please ensure the chip is intact, otherwise the chip cannot be used to install. If damage unfortunately occurs, you can purchase the OEM toner cartridge in the first place, and then use our no-chip toner until the OEM one is depleted. Our v4ink CF258A is equipped with a custom-made toolkit, which enables a smooth chip removal process.

  1. Chip is inserted in an incorrect direction

To make things easier, we paste an instructional picture next to the chip slot. Below you can see how user collates the chip’s direction.

Correct chip position
  1. Color of the printout is light

Long-time transportation renders the toner powder pile up in one side. Gently shaking the toner cartridge several times ahead of final installation will address this problem. Moreover, printout will become faint if the chip is overused with more than 3 pcs new v4ink no-chip toners.

faint text
  1. Printer demonstrates “Black cartridge very low”

Customers feel puzzled when the printer mentions this message just right after installation. V4ink guarantees that each of our products (except for re-manufactured product) will come in a brand-new condition with 100% full powder capacity. Owning that OEM chip retains the old using record, this message has nothing to do with the new toner. Pls press “OK” button to evade this message.

  1. Install OEM chip of original CF258X toner into v4ink CF258A no-chip toner

This will not affect the proper printing function. If the printer manifests “Cartridge low”, you can still go on printing by pressing “OK” button.

Cases study for v4ink CF258A WITH-CHIP compatible toner:

  1. LCD screen reminds “The indicated cartridges are Non-HP cartridges” and the warning indicator is flashing.

Opt for “OK” button then you restore printing.

Error message correction
  1. LCD screen reminds “Memory error on indicated cartridges, Event code: 10.00.00” and the warning indicator is flashing.

First of all, open the front cover, and close it. Until you see the message “The indicated cartridges are Non-HP cartridges” and the Signal light is flashing, press “OK” directly.

event code

Hope you find this article useful.

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How to clear “Non-HP cartridges” error when using CF258A/CF258X?

CF258A with-chip toner

Hurray! We are happy to announce that v4ink CF258A with-chip toner and CF258X with-chip toner have been launched online. It’s been a long ride from the day we realized that most of our customers craved for a hassle-free toner without any pre-arranged setup of an OEM chip. Now we come back to dazzle.

Regular installation steps

Contrary to the No-chip version, With-chip version is handy and ready-to-use. Prior to place an order, please confirm the chosen item is advertised “With chip” to prevent any installation error.

  1. Tear off all the protective packing materials like seals, papers and cover as well.
CF258A installation
  1. Boot up the printer.
  2. Place the toner into the cartridge compartment, and wait for 1-2 min for machine to recognize.

Clear warning messages

Error messages happen when the chip is unable to be read. No worry, it doesn’t mean you got a lemon. Following the workaround below will get the connection problem mended:

Situation 1: Printer displays “The indicated cartridges are Non-HP cartridges” and the Signal Light is flashing.

Press “OK” then you can skip the interceptive information.

clear "The indicated cartridges are Non-HP cartridges"Situation 2: Printer display “Memory error on indicated cartridges, Event code: 10.00.00” and the Signal light is flashing.

Step 1: Open the front cover, and close it

Step 2: When you see the message “The indicated cartridges are Non-HP cartridges” and the Signal light is flashing, press “OK” directly.

Clear event code

See, it’s quite simple, right?

Stop firmware upgrade

Why should I have to disable this function? Is this method detrimental to printer?

Based on the factory default setting of the printer, “automatic update” and “cartridge policy” ought to be in an “off” status. Shutting down these two functions is to guarantee the intended use of any third-party compatible CF258A toner or CF258X toner cartridge, which won’t be rejected by the HP printers. For sure, users can be at ease to print once the following recommended setup is accomplished.

Try it out!

Step 1: Turn off “Cartridge Policy”

Click “setup”-> “system setup”-> “supply settings”-> “Cartridge policy”- choose “off”-reboot the printer.

Turn off cartridge policy

Step 2: Turn off the “Update Option”

Click “setup”-> “service”-> “Laserjet update”-> “mange updates”- “check automatically”-chose “off” –back to “mange updates” page-click “allow updates”-click “No”- back to home page by pressing “Home”

Update option
turn off update option

A jolly carefree printing journey with our v4ink can start off right now!

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What’s the difference between M404n and M404dn?


Each letter in the printer model name stands for its intrinsic features. Under no guidance but a concise functional introduction, “M”, “d”, “n”, “f” and “w” are quite perplexing for a rookie. Before you fold up this page and go for a random purchase, why not get started right now to take a 5-min induction course?

General Conception of the Letters

M- Monochrome

Printer only prints black and white paper. Not for color printing. It simply applies black toner cartridge.


Printer can print double-sided printout automatically without manual action to reopen the paper tray and flip over the paper.


Printer needs to be configured with wired network connection by linking to a cable to LAN port. It doesn’t support WI-FI. Some models urge a Ethernet connection with PC or Laptop to execute order.


Printer is not singularly a printing machine, but also works for facsimile.


Printer features WI-FI connectivity. Just contrary to the “N”, the printer does not support wired network.

NW-Wired and Wireless network

The printer can utilize Wired or Wireless network. Each of them is able to serve as a back-up plan if one causes malfunction, and will be disabled if the other is being connected (Refer to the relevant user guidebook)

Done with the aforesaid overview, now we can switch to the main characters we going to talk about: HP Laser Jet PRO M404n and M404dn.

Meaning of the printer's letters

Product Feature

We present a chart below to mark the “With” or “Without” about their configuration.

comparison of the function

What makes M404dn outperform lies in its automatic double-sided printing, whilst M404n still needs manual handling on that section.

Both two models offer 256MB data storage space. Users can import documents to the printer freely with an USB for intended use. Concerning Ethernet connection, it’s another form of wired connection to build up a local networking through linking the printer to the computer.

Monochrome Printing

These two print Black and white paper. Cannot cover color printout such as photographs.

Monochrome printer meets the substantial demand of someone whose business is in need of a large amount of documents or contracts. It’s always designed in a compact size. Space-saving feature makes it prevailing in the market, appealing to parents or college students. Best for home or dorm.

Compatible Consumables

HP Laser Jet PRO M404n and M404dn printer should be installed with CF258A or CF258X toner cartridge. A is a standard toner cartridge with regular 3,000 page yields, while X represents large-capacity toner cartridge with approximately 10,000 pages output.

There is also another question that makes customers feel at sea. Why the compatible toner looks so different from the original toner? Now is time to demystify. Each manufacturers reserve their own patent right to safeguard respective intellectual property including designs, therefore, compatible toners will be various in shape, so do v4ink CF258A and CF258X compatible no-chip toner. But please be reassured, my friends. V4ink CF258A standard toner cartridge and CF258X high-yield toner cartridge are well-designed, and match HP Laser Jet PRO M404n and M404dn printer perfectly.

CF258A and CF258X toner are applicable for: HP Pro M404n M404dn M404dw Printer; HP Pro MFP M428fdw M428fdn Printer; HP Enterprise M430f M406dn Printer

CF258A & CF258X Installation

Preamble: Apart from remanufactured toner cartridge, v4ink cf258a and cf258x compatible toners both necessitate chip-removal steps. That means customers have to remove the chip from the used original cf258a/x cartridge with our special custom-made reset tool. After it’s done, you can take out all of the protective covers/seals/papers (We have indication), put the toner into the printer’s compartment to complete the entire installation.

That will be absolutely easy to handle, user-friendly and beginner-friendly. Just start by viewing the full-scale chip-removal guidelines. (Applicable for v4ink CF258A/CF258X)

Precautions for installation

Sometime a careless misplacement of the chip will set the customer back. Beware that the chip ought to be inserted in a correct direction.

An indication picture is next to the chip slot, which you can follow it.

chip installation

Make sure the chip is aligned with the plastic ridge.

chip installation

Misplacement of the chip will trigger a wrong signal on the LCD screen. So please double confirm if the chip is firmly inserted before the final installation into the printer. If a wrong signal keeps reminding, please discharge the toner from the printer, readjust the chip’s position, and put it back later to dismiss the error.

What if the error fails to be dismissed, even though there is nothing wrong with the chip? With the OEM chip applied into our v4ink cf258a/cf258x toner, the printer will mention “Black Cartridge Very Low”. It represents the old cartridge’s capacity only, not for the new one. It’ll be back into normal as you skip the message.

Questions Proposed by Users

We summarize some regular problems or questions put forward by other users.

  1. Printer warns “Low on toner, please replace”.

Tips: Print a test paper to verify the toner volume. If low capacity, just replace with a new one. In another situation that the toner is just installed without much use, please review the printing setting and the internet connection, and ensure they are well set. Or you can try to reinstall the toner to correct misplacement issue. (Not applicable for compatible non-chipped toner)

  1. Cannot use Wifi.

Tips: Please be cautious that these two printers do not provide wifi connection function. They use Ethernet instead.

  1. Requiring a reset of the system.

Tips: HP Printers notify the user of firmware upgrading from time to time. If “Auto” update is turned on, the printer will reset the upgrading. In case of any disruption, customer can turn off that setting.

  1. Paper jams.

Tips: The user manual of HP printer entails a detailed troubleshooting regarding paper jam and its jam area. Please refer to the related section of the manual.

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What is “No chip” and “With chip”?

v4ink CF258A compatible toner

How do I know if the toner cartridge I purchased has a chip or not? Do they make sense to the printer? How can I use the “No-chip” product?…

We received these questions from our presale-customer on and on, and hereby we would like to make a concise introduction, and also give some tips to our v4ink followers for picking the correct compatible toner cartridge without further concerns.


Precisely speaking, “No-chip” means toner cartridge doesn’t have a smart chip inlayed on it, whereas “With chip” can be defined as the chip-built-in one.

At present, No-chip compatible toner could be itemized the following models:

CF258A, CF258X, 414A, 414X, 215A, 206A, 206X, 134A and 134X

(OEM toner cartridge of above models originally contains the chip inside. Some sellers recycle the used OEM toner and remanufacture them for reuse.)

Chip photo

Prerequisite for using No-chip & With-chip toner

By way of illustration, we’ll refer to v4ink CF258A No-chip toner and CF258A with-chip toner (Also applicable for below paradigms)

To use No-chip CF258A toner:  


1. An OEM chip or OEM CF258A toner is demanded. 2. A custom-made tool (Included in the package) and a hammer (Not offered).

5-min chip-installation guidelines:

Below video unveils v4ink’s exclusive methodical approach

To use CF258A remanufactured  & with-chip version toner: 

Skip the chip-installation steps, and just place the toner cartridge into the printer as always.

Suitable printer model

Both with-chip and no-chip toner (after accomplished aforesaid chip-installation process) fits the same model printer.

e.g. CF258A toner is compatible with HP Pro M404n, M404dn, M404dw, Pro MFP M428fdw M428fdn Printer; HP Enterprise M430f M406dn Printer, only if the toner is implanted with the chip.

How the chip works

A chip is a must-have for some compatible printers to recognize the cartridge itself for the purpose of printing performance as well as normal functioning. The smart chip is being encoded to connect the existing system of the printer, archiving the toner level permanently. When the chip malfunctions, PC and printer will report the issue through a message to point out the poor connection. Regarding the compatible or remanufactured toner inlayed with the OEM chip, an issue like LCD stating “Cartridge Low” is basically a volume record from the original cartridge.

In response, users can restore that error by simple inspection: 1. Make sure the chip is intact, and re-install the toner cartridge. 2. Confirm the volume and replace the exhausted toner. 3. Skip out the error by opting for “Ok” button. 4. Chip are supposed to be installed in the exact position (For chip-reset toner only)

Reset the chip

Equipment: A resilient cushion is laid at the bottom of the chip slot.

Method: Slightly press the rim of the cushion; insert the chip in a designated direction with reference to the pic pasted aside.

Inspection: Double-check the chip’s position; Chip ought to line up with the middle plastic ridge.

v4ink correct chip-installation position

Quality assurance

V4ink compatible no-chip toner and remanufactured toner perform as well as the original toner does. They conform to ISO/IEC19752 criterion, being examined by covering color hue, lifespan, firmness, dropping, and temperature. Those make them excel in yielding out fixed and sharp printouts.

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Which one performs better, HP 58A vs 58X?

v4ink CF258A/CF258X compatilbe toner(No-chip)

Many printer users are trying to figure out the difference between HP 58A and HP 58X toner, and eager to choose a more exceptional one for their printers. Here below is a brief summary that we gonna share with you guys.

Round- 1 Page Yield

v4ink 58A(CF258A) toner can yield out 3,000 pages, whilst 10,000 pages for 58X (CF258X) All the tested paper meets the specified industrial requirement: Page yield counted by printouts with 5% coverage per A4 /Letter-size paper.

v4ink CF258A CF258X page yield

Round- 2 Applicable Printer

CF258A toner and CF258X toner are both compatible for the SAME model printers: HP Pro M404n M404dn M404dw Printer; HP Pro MFP M428fdw M428fdn Printer; HP Enterprise M430f M406dn Printer

Accordingly, CF258A standard toner and CF258X high-yield toner are interchangeable. You can select either of these two models for your intended use.

Round- 3 Ideal Working Scenario

When in the middle of the work, none of you wishes to waste time to replace an empty toner cartridge frequently, especially for the regular printing job. If you are in quest of a large-capacity toner, High-yield model 58X seems to be the very one.

Does 58X cost a lot to get more pages? No. V4ink HP 58X toner, possessing the same superlative standard powder, brings you a more carefree experience. Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency. 

v4ink CF258A vs v4ink CF258X

Come and Cherry-pick your ideal working partner!

What do v4ink HP 58A/X users care most about?

  1. What’s No-chip means?

That product does not contain a chip for printer to read. Customer is required to prepare an OEM chip, which can be gotten from the OEM toner. The package includes a toolkit for the beginner.

  1. Is it easy to work on removing and installing the OEM chip?

Yes. 4 steps literally with user-friendly guidelines.

  1. Is the chip only use for 1 v4ink 58A/X toner cartridge?

No. The chip can be used with new v4ink 58A/X toners up to 3 times.

CF258A toner chip-installation instruction
  1. What is the best before for this toner?

18 months for the unopened item. For the installed toner, please use the toner asap. V4ink toner cartridges pass the stringent QC test before coming into market. They’re stable and easy to store.

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What does the OEM chip use for?

v4ink CF258A compatible toner cartridge

What is OEM?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) means the owner possess the patent, R&D, know-how of a sort of technology, which is defined as a technology-based production mode. OEM chip, in other words, is being patented and branded with the owner, being embedded in the product for its relevant electronic machine to identify.

How does the chip work in the printer?

Currently, most of the laser jet printer will require a toner equipped with a chip to work together. By doing so, the powder capacity can be well detected on the one hand, and the toner cartridge is able to make its optimum performance for another. In a nutshell, chip serves as an intermediary between the product and the machine.

OEM chip

Can make the toner work WITHOUT chip?

NO. You probably notice that there are multiple NO-CHIP compatible toner models produced by other manufacturers such as HP 58A, HP 58X toner. They are all in different structures as well we designs.

For your well understanding, let’s take our v4ink No-chip version cf258a(HP 58A) toner cartridge as an example. This type of toner cartridge does not include chip. But as its related printer models (Shown as below) need the chip to recognize the toner, we may need the customer to make sure they have the OEM chip on hand from the get-go.

Compatible model for CF258A toner: HP Pro M404n M404dn M404dw Printer; HP Pro MFP M428fdw M428fdn Printer; HP Enterprise M430f M406dn Printer

How can I get an OEM chip? And what should I do next?

Once the original HP 58A toner cartridge is completely consumed, you can remove the OEM chip from that empty cartridge with the toolkit, and insert the chip into the slot on the compatible No-chip HP 58A toner cartridge prior to installation.

For the auxiliary toolkit, v4ink has prepared a white tailor-made and the tweezers to render our each v4ink friends a hassle-free user experience when they perform chip embedment.

Click the following video for an overall DIY process:

NOTE: The above video is also applicable for our v4ink CF258X(HP 58X) No-chip toner

After the chip is firmly seated, no further action to take but to install the toner as usual.

Is the OEM chip reusable?

Yes. But it can be used for 3 times. OEM chip does have its lifespan. With reference to CF258A and CF258X toner, an OEM chip is able to work for 3 pcs v4ink No-chip compatible toners. The outcome is based on the printing standard at an average color density≥1.40 to guarantee that the printing quality is in line with the original cartridge.

v4ink CF258A compatible toner cartridge

Don’t wanna handle chip embedment?

It’s no brainer. You can choose v4ink remanufactured CF258X toner cartridge. It’s a High-yield toner comes with an OEM chip. Both CF258A and CF258X are compatible for the printer mentioned above.

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The Ultimate Guide for HP CF258A CF258X Toner Cartridge

Are you using the LaserJet Pro MFP m428 printer? Are you paying for an expensive HP CF258 toner cartridges? Fortunately, you will be able to get cheaper alternatives from this article and learn more about CF258A. Let’s jump in!

What is the difference between CF258A and CF258X

As we all know, “X” means large, which refers that the CF258X toner cartridge contains more toner and can print more page than the CF258A.

The page yield of HP CF258A Standard Yield toner cartridge is: 3000 pages

The page yield of HP CF258X High Yield toner cartridge is: 10000 page

The page yield of HP CF258X High yield toner cartridge is 3 times more than the HP CF258A standard yield toner cartridge. Therefore, the service life of CF258X is also longer than the CF258A toner cartridge. If you print more in the daily life, CF258X High Yield toner cartridge will be more affordable. Check out our previous blog article for more information on this topic >> HP 58A vs HP 58X, which one is more worth to buy?

What printer work with CF258A/X?

The compatible printer model of CF258A and CF258X is the same, which is:

HP LaserJet Pro M304, LaserJet Pro M404nLaserJet Pro M404dnLaserJet Pro M404dwLaserJet Pro MFP M428dwLaserJet Pro MFP M428fdn and LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw printer.

V4ink CF258X no chip vs. CF258X with chip, how should I choose?

The v4ink HP CF258X toner cartridge no chip is a new compatible toner cartridge which means all part of the toner cartridge are brand new. The service life is as long as the new OEM toner cartridge. But this product do not come with a chip, so you will need to replace the chip from the OEM toner cartridge and install it into v4ink toner cartridge. It’s easy to install and you can save up to 70% than ordering OEM products.

The v4ink HP CF258X toner cartridge with chip is a Remanufactured toner cartridge, which means that the toner cartridge is use the original manufacturer’s cartridge shells, after through cleaned, filled with third-party materials, rigorously tested and at last sold at discounted a price. This toner cartridge comes with the original chip, you can install it to your printer directly.

 OEM HP CF258XV4ink CF258X no chipV4ink CF258X with chip
Page Yield10,000 pages10,000 pages10,000 pages
Cost per Page2.2 cents0.66 cents1.53 cents

From the above data, you can save up to 30% on the v4ink CF258X with chip and save up to 70% on the v4ink CF258X no chip.

How to transfer the chip from Original toner cartridge to DIY cartridge?

Before you replace the chip, you need to pay attention to whether your original toner cartridge is Structure A or Structure B, as shown in the figure below.Structure A and Structure B of OEM toner

For Structure A, the chip is not fixed on the toner cartridge with glue, so it only needs to be cut off the plastic block for fixing the chip, and it is easy to take out the complete chip from the original toner cartridge.

For Structure B, the chip is fixed on the toner cartridge with glue, and the chip can only be removed with special tools.

The chip installation guide for DIY HP CF258/CF289 Series Products (Include Structure A and B)

How to install CF258A/X into the printer?

The following video will show you how to install CF258A into the Laserjet Pro M404dn Printer (This video also apply to v4ink DIY CF258X Toner). Follow the video step by step:

What should I do if the printer keeps showing “replace toner” since I just install the new cartridge?

Please re-confirm the chip is installed in the correct direction.chip correct direction

After you install the new compatible toner cartridge correctly, the printer still showing ” Low toner” or “Used”, it may because the new toner cartridge are installed with the original chip which has remembered the capacity of your old toner cartridge. But don’t worry, you just need to ignore the error message and print until you simply run out of toner.

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The Ultimate Guide for Toner Cartridges Without Chip (Apply to 414A/X, 206A/X, CF258A/X, etc)

As we all know, HP original toner cartridges are usually come with chips. This is set to make their printer can only recognize the specified ink cartridge and provide an accurate amount of the toner. However, the toner cartridge with chip is generally expensive. How to better save costs? Compatible toner cartridge without chip will be a good choice for you!

What does toner cartridge without chip mean?

It means these toner cartridges are DIY (Do It Yourself) version, they do not come with a chip. You need to remove the chip from your old (original) toner cartridge and then install it to the DIY product in correct position before putting into your printer.

Can I use a toner cartridge without a chip?

Some original HP and Canon products are equipped with chips, so when you use a compatible no-chip version, you need to install the original chip before using it. For example, HP 206A / X, HP CF258A / X, HP 414A / X, Canon 055 (H), etc.

However, there are also some HP and Canon products come without chips, such as HP CE285A, HP CF248A, Canon 137, etc. There is no need to install additional chips when using these models.

Before you buy a toner cartridge, you must clearly understand whether the toner cartridge model corresponding to the printer you use is with chip or without chip.

What is the difference between cartridge with chip and without chip?

Cartridges without chips are generally compatible products, which means all the part of the toner cartridge are brand new. The service life is as long as the new OEM toner cartridge. But these product do not come with chip, so you will need to remove the chip from the OEM toner cartridge and install it into the compatible (no chip) toner cartridge. Don’t worry, it’s easy to install and will not damage your printer. You can also save up to 70% than ordering OEM products.

The third party manufactured cartridge with chip is generally Remanufactured toner cartridge, which means that the toner cartridge is use the original manufacturer’s cartridge shells, then thoroughly cleaned, filled with third-party materials, rigorously tested and at last sold at discounted prices. This toner cartridge comes with original chip, you can install it to your printer directly. But the price of the remanufactrued toner cartridge is not cheap, the price is usually 2-3 times that of the compatible (no chip) products. But its price is still lower than the original cartridge.

Let’s take v4ink HP 414X (W2020X) Black Toner Cartridge as an example:

 V4ink 414X (No Chip)V4ink 414X (With Chip)>OEM HP 414X (With Chip)
Saveup to 70%up to 26% 

Is the no chip cartridge adaptable for the same printer model as the cartridge with chip?

The compatible no chip toner cartridge is made with the original toner cartridge as the template. There is basically no difference in shape or structure from the original toner cartridge. The main difference is whether it is equipped with a chip. Therefore, the no chip cartridge is suitable for the same printer model as the toner cartridge with chip.

Can I reuse the chip from my toner over and over?

If you purchased a DIY compatible toner cartridge from third party seller, you need to remove the chip from the original (OEM) toner cartridge and place it on this compatible toner cartridge to use. The chip helps the printer communicate with the toner cartridge, so the printer can notify you when the toner cartridge is low and the chip can be reused many times, until the chip is damaged or the print color becomes lighter.

What should I do when printer display “Low toner” or “replace toner”?

After you install the new compatible toner cartridge correctly, the printer may show ” Low toner” or “Used” because the new toner cartridge are installed with the original chip and the chip has remembered the capacity of your old toner cartridge. But don’t worry, you just need to ignore the error message and print until you simply run out of toner.

How to install the chip for the new toner cartridge?

Installation guide for toner cartridge without chip (Structure A), you can follow the steps listed below (Take HP CF258A for example):

Step 1 – Find your old toner cartridge to pull open the plastic in the red circle of the picture.

Step 2 – Use the tweezers to take out the chip from the old toner cartridge slightly.

Step 3 – Install the chip into the new toner cartridge.

Step 4 – Please check if you have installed it correctly like the picture. Remind to insert the chip into the inner-edge of the chip slot and aim to the middle line.

If the chip in your old toner cartridge come with glue (Structure B), please follow the step below (Take HP 414A for example):

Step 1 – Pull out the chip recovery drill screw and install it on the OEM cartridge. Rotate the chip recovery drill screw to the bottom to extrude the chip.

Step 2 – Use the tweezers to take out the chip from the old toner cartridge slightly.

Step 3 – Scissor the unnecessary plastics around the chip.

Step 4 – Take the removed chip into the chip carrier in the correct orientation and then put it on the toner cartridge.

Which without chip products are available?

V4ink currently provides you with DIY compatible toner cartridges (No Chip) for HP 206A, HP 206X, HP 414A, HP 414X, HP 58A, HP 58X, HP 89A, HP 89X, Canon 055, Canon 055H, HP 215A, HP 134A, HP 134X and other models, buying toner cartridge without chip can save you up to 70% than buying original toner cartridges.

Tips: Most of our cartridges come with tools (tweezers and pliers) and instructions on how to remove and reinstall the chip. You can also watch some of our videos on our other blogs or product detail pages, which will show you how to replace the chip.

If you have any further question about our DIY cartridge (No Chip), please feel free to contact us with email:

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HP 58A vs HP 58X, which one is more worth to buy?

When purchasing HP 58 toner cartridges, you can choose between A and X. So which one is more cost-effective? Let’s jump in!

Compatible Printer model

The compatible printer model of HP 58A(CF258A) standard yield and HP 58X(CF258X) high yield are the same. The following are the printer models they compatible to:

HP LaserJet Pro M304 Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M404n Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M404dn Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M404dw Printer

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428dw Printer

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdn Printer

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw Printer

Page Yield

As we all know, “X” means large, which refers that the 58X toner cartridge contains more toner and can print more page than the 58A.

The page yield comparison of OEM HP 58A and 58X Toner Cartridge:

Toner CartridgePage Yield
HP 58A Standard Yield3000 pages
HP 58X High Yield10000 pages

The page yield of HP 58X high yield toner cartridge is 3 times more than the HP 58A standard yield toner cartridge. Therefore, the service life of 58X is also more than the 58A toner cartridge.

Cost per page

Cost per page (CPP) is determined by dividing the cost of that printer cartridge by the printer cartridge’s page yield. Through the cost per page, we can find out which product has better cost performance.

The cost per page comparison of OEM HP 58A and 58X Toner Cartridge:

 HP 58A Standard YieldHP 58X High Yield
Page Yield3000 pages10000 pages
Cost per Page3.5 cents2.2 cents

The page yield of HP 58X high yield toner cartridge is 3 times more than the HP 58A standard yield toner cartridge, but the price only 2 times more than the standard one. Therefore, you will get the best price from the HP 58X high yield toner cartridge.

What’ s the best price alternatives of HP 58A and 58X?

Are you still pay for expensive OEM toner cartridge? V4ink provide you with a better choice.

V4ink HP 58A toner cartridge – DIY version and v4ink HP 58X toner cartridge – DIY version should be your best price alternative.

V4ink HP 58A/X DIY version with the same page yield as the OEM toner cartridge, which work perfectly with the printer model the same as OEM’s.

You just need to replace the chip from the OEM toner cartridge and install it into v4ink toner cartridge. It’s easy to install and you can save up to 70% than ordering OEM products.

BlackOEM HP 58Av4ink HP 58A – DIY
Page Yield3000 pages3000 pages
Cost per Page3.5 cents1.5 cents
BlackOEM HP 58Xv4ink HP 58X – DIY
Page Yield1000 pages1000 pages
Cost per Page2.2 cents0.66 cents

If you don’t want to replace chip by yourself, v4ink also provide you with a more convenient choice – v4ink Remanufactured 58X Toner Cartridges with chip, which is $153.39, you can save 30% than ordering OEM cartridge.

Shopping at can help you save more and enjoy high quality printing effect!

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