The Common Questions of CE505A/X Toner Cartridge

Common questions

Users who are trying to figure out problem within the facets including print quality correction, compatibility and page amounts can walk out the maze through this article. This article can be perceived as a detailed reminder before you use v4ink CE505A or CE505X black toner cartridge.

Improper Size

Verify the printer model in the first place. This step is able to prevent any unexpected damages. If purchased a wrong cartridge, please contact us for the later return process. How to check the applicable printer list? Just click into our product pages, and the related information will be shown within. Though the primary difference between CE505A and CE505X toner cartridge is the page yield, but there are a few models which only use one of them.

If the toner cartridge is too large to fit in, please ensure you have followed the installation manual that came along to take away all the plastic cap, sealing tape or protective paper prior to final installation step.

When you intend to insert the cartridge into the compartment of the printer, let the gear or parts of two sides align with the sliding tracks for a smooth placement.


Smearing copy

During a long-time transit, a small amount of the powder may spill out. To use a dry cloth or tissues to remove the spilled powder from the cartridge before use. In the meantime, Pls don’t touch the ROLLER as this inappropriate handling will affect the print quality.

Please contact us if the package is severely damaged and parts are broken when you unbox.

Blank papers

Please make sure the sealing tape is pulled out from the cartridge entirely.

Fading content

To shake the cartridges horizontally for a couple times renders the powder more even for a sharp clear text.

Fading text


Check your printer model and its compatible toner cartridge at first.

If the Non-HP message displays in the prompt or on the printer, press OK to dismiss the notification and get started your printing job.

Here we recommend the users to shut off the Upgrade Function, Cartridge Policy and Cartridge Protection lest any third-party cartridges fails to be recognized by the printers.

Paper Jam

Step 1  Check the position where the papers get stuck.

Step 2  Flatten the jammed paper and gently remove the paper with both hands

Step 3  Clean the paper scraps off the printer

Step 4  Double confirm the recommended paper size for your printer(If papers are wet during humid weather, please replace them with new ones)

Thank you for your reading!

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Installation Guide of HP 05A/HP 05X Toner Cartridge

CE505X senario

HP 05A/HP 05X toner cartridge, same as CE505A /CE505X toner cartridge, is specially designed for the black-and-white printer. We received multiple questions from customers on the installation steps for our v4ink compatible toner cartridge. In this bite-size article, we are gonna zone in on the product application.

Product Specification

When it comes to the page yield, CE505X can produce more pages than CE505A. According to the test outcome, CE505A standard toner cartridge has 2700 pages, while CE505X high-yield toner cartridge has 6900 pages. Their printing performance won’t be influenced by the page amount as the quality will remain stable and outstanding. The test result adheres to 5% coverage/A4 paper standard.

05A/05X comparison

Compatible Printer Model

We may need your close attention to these printer models: HP Laserjet P2030, P2035, P2035N, P2050. Only CE505A toner is suitable to them.

Models for CE505A:

HP LaserJet P2030 P2035 P2035N P2050 P2055D P2055DN P2055X

HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 M401A M401N M401D M401DN M401DNE M401DW

HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425 M425DN M425DW

Models for CE505X:

HP LaserJet P2055D P2055DN P2055X

HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 M401A M401N M401D M401DN M401DNE M401DW

HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425 M425DN M425DW

Installation Guidelines

Just follow step by step:

1. Gently shake the toner cartridge horizontally to dispense the powder

2. Take away the protective cover and black paper.

3. Pull out the sealing tape entirely as the sign directed.

4. Place the cartridge into the printer’s compartment to finish installation.

CE505AX installation

*Warm tips for print quality:

  • Shaking the toner cartridge can prevent fade, uneven output.
  • Be reminded to remove all the protective parts prior to installation. Otherwise, printout will turn out to be a blank copy.
  • Handle the cartridge cautiously without touching the roller.

Life Circle

For the satisfactory printing outcome, we recommend to use the toner cartridge within 18 months. If opened and installed, the cartridge should be consumed as soon as possible lest the humidity and temperature around will impact the quality. Besides, storing the unopened cartridge in a dry and cool area is necessary for future use.

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The Difference between CE505A and CE505X Toner Cartridge


CE505A and CE505X, as our v4ink best collection, still perplex green hands for their difference. This article is about to ease your concerns when selecting the best working partner.


To calculate the page yield, we will ensure each A4 printout will be covered 5% contents. The test referred to the industrial standard.

How do you define “A” and “X”?

A means standard toner level, whereas X denotes higher toner level. That is to say, CE505X will produce more pages than CE505A. This characteristic is applicable for other HP toner models with the same letter. Based on the circumspect test standard (5% coverage per A4 printout), v4ink CE505A toner is able to yield out 2700 pages, and CE505X can run 6900 pages. The specific page amount and the toner consumption will vary for the contents that users intend to print.

Compatible Printer List

Aside from a few models such as HP Laserjet P2030, P2035, P2035N, P2050, other models shown as follows can apply both of them. 

Printer List for CE505A:

HP LaserJet P2030 P2035 P2035N P2050 P2055D P2055DN P2055X

HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 M401A M401N M401D M401DN M401DNE M401DW

HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425 M425DN M425DW

Printer List for CE505X:

HP LaserJet P2055D P2055DN P2055X

HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 M401A M401N M401D M401DN M401DNE M401DW

HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425 M425DN M425DW

Price Difference

A clear price difference can help you win more pages. See below chart and you will know which product is much more preferential.


Application Steps

In installation section, it’s easy to operate with 4 steps. Be aware that protective materials will cause malfunction on detection, so please do remember to take off all of them before inserting CE505A or CE505X toner cartridge into the machine.



Under stringent screening procedure, v4ink toner cartridges impress the customers with their superb working performance. Both CE505A and CE505X satisfy your need on a crispy table, sharp text, and standard black-and-white copy. V4ink stands behind our customers to provide 2-year reassuring warranty and supportive customer service.


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