What are the Advantages of Compatible Toner Cartridge?

What are the advantages of compatible toner cartridge? I guess it’s the difficult questions for the customer. The advantage of compatible product is low cost, which is the biggest temptation for users to choose to use it. How much is a 100g bulk powder? Also about 20 yuan, a brand compatible with the toner drum? About 80-200 yuan (this is the average price, maybe higher), so these correspondences can be printed about 1600 pages, compared with the original cost of consumables, natural good.

“Cheap is not good, good is not cheap.” This is not always true, but in most cases, it does exist as truth. The biggest advantage of compatible cartridge is low cost, but this is limited to printing costs, not use costs, and other. The most common form of market existence for compatible cartridgeis powder filling. This act of completely squeezing the physical life of the printing drum is actually a joke with the printer itself and our own bodies. If powder filling is involved, it is accompanied by the possibility of powder leakage.

Some users are faced with warning issues after they’re replacing in a compatible cartridge. The printer is designed to warn that you’re not using an OEM toner cartridge and it won’t properly function, or even cause damage to your printer. However, this might result from improper installation of the chip in the new cartridge. The machine detects that it has no chip or has badly located chip, which it consider you’re using compatible toner, it will try to stop you from opening the world to cheap toner cartridge world. Even you’re using genuine toner, it just can’t promise you the best printing performance each time. Some compatible manufacturers seek for high quality components to product built while others just want to make money. It’s because these mercenary businessmen that discredit the whole industry, consumers couldn’t truly believe compatible laser toner. Anyway, if you still worry about these question, just buy one and try it.