Is a HP ‘XL’ ink cartridge worth buying?

hp 67xl ink

HP printer users notice that some ink cartridges are available in ‘XL’ version and more expensive than standard version. Do you know what ‘xl’ means and is it worth buying? Let’s dig it to discover its secret.

Why a HP ‘XL’ ink cartridge more expensive?

An ‘XL’ ink cartridge means a high yield ink cartridge, which contains more ink and can print more pages than a standard ink cartridge. A HP high capacity ink cartridge has an “xl” after the cartridge number to indicate the amount of ink is much more. For example, HP 67xl ink is the high-yield version of HP 67 ink. So, it is common that the price of a high-yield cartridge is higher than standard ink cartridge in the market.

How many extra pages can a HP ‘XL’ ink cartridge print?

A high-yield ink cartridge produces 2-3 times the print volume of standard ink. But the exact page depends on different HP cartridge models. For example, HP 67 black ink prints 120 pages and HP 67xl black ink prints up to 240 pages, but HP 63 black ink prints 190 pages and HP 63xl ink can print up to 480 pages.

Is a HP ‘XL’ ink cartridge worth buying?

The answer is yes. As mentioned above, the cost of an ‘XL’ ink cartridge is higher than standard ink cartridge, but more ink is filled in high-capacity ink cartridges, which can print more pages. Therefore, the average cost per page of a HP high-yield ink cartridge is lower. It is a great option for frequent users and save money in the long term. But for people who do not print often and use a HP inkjet printer, it is better to buy standard ink cartridges as the ink is easy to clog in the nozzle.

HP 67 Black seriesPage YieldOEM PriceCost per page
HP 67 ink120$15.99$0.13
HP 67xl ink240$23.99$0.10

Does a HP ‘XL’ ink cartridge fit in the same printers?

Guests sometimes worry about high-yield ink cartridges contain more ink whether the size will be different with standard ink cartridge. Absolutely not, the size of HP ‘xl’ cartridge is the same as standard cartridge and fit in the same compatible printers. For instance, HP 67 and HP 67XL ink cartridges are both suitable for following printers:

DeskJet 1255/2300/2722/2723/2724/2725/2755/2752;  

DeskJet Plus 4122/4123/4132/4140/4152/4155/4158;  

ENVY 6030/6032/6034/6052/6055/6058/6075;  

ENVY Pro 6430/6452/6455/6458/6464/6475 Series

Are there cost-effective ‘XL’ cartridges?

V4ink remanufactured ink cartridge is the most cost-effective alternative. It is simple to install and highly compatible with suitable printers, and has same yield as original ink cartridges. Specially, v4ink InkSacs group, which includes HP 63xl, HP 65xl and HP 67xl, is worthy of attention. A v4ink InkSacs combo pack has 1 Ready-to-go ink cartridge (1 OEM print head + 1 Replacement ink cartridge), which can be directly installed in the printer, and 2 separate replacement ink cartridge. The replacement ink cartridges are covered by original print head to make sure print sharp text, bold blacks and crisp graphics, just like original cartridges, but at an affordable price.

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Original vs Remanufactured vs Compatible Ink Cartridges

hp 67xl ink

While you are purchasing an ink cartridge, you’ll notice that there are three options available: Original, Remanufactured and Compatible. People are more familiar with original cartridges, but the difference between remanufactured and compatible is less clear. In this guide, we will popularize these three types of ink cartridges, so you can make an informed choice on your next purchase.

Original Ink Cartridge

Original cartridge is manufactured by a specific printer brand and used for that brand, so it also called original equipment manufacturer cartridge, i.e. OEM cartridge. It is specially designed by the original printer manufacturer to the exacting printing standards, and works exclusively with compatible OEM printers to produce flawless print outputs. However, it is stressful that ink cartridge needs to be replaced as OEM cartridges can be more expensive than a printer. To give people access to high-quality but lower-cost ink cartridges, some manufactures produce remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges to make a profit.

Remanufactured vs. Compatible Ink Cartridge

Remanufactured ink cartridges are products of recycling and refilling original ink cartridges. After running out of original cartridges, people have an option for recycling. These recycled cartridges are shipped to remanufacturers who order the used up OEM products and the ink cartridges are thoroughly cleaned, and quality checked to replace worn parts, and then filled with their new ink, installed in a printer for quality testing.

Because remanufactured ink cartridges use original casing and most of original materials, and are not created from a large of new components, the manufacturing cost is low, and buyer can also get them at an affordable price. Moreover, purchase remanufactured cartridges is good for environment by reducing the amount of plastic that goes into landfills.

HP 67XL ink

Compatible cartridges are brand new cartridges, not the same as remanufactured one. They are created and made by manufacturers other than original printer manufacturers, and are constructed differently from original cartridges in order to distinguish it from OEM products. Nevertheless, compatible cartridges are built on the compatible printers just like OEM cartridges, so the cartridges also fit into your printer and likely give you the same printing performance.

Remanufactured and Compatible Cartridges: Are they reliable?

Because of the high cost of original products, people are considering remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges while also worrying about whether they are as reliable as OEM products. You will notice that there are numbers of recycled or compatible brand in the market, which makes you tangle. Purchasing the cartridges from a reliable brand can help you get perfect print outputs.

At the moment, you cannot miss v4ink brand and its cartridges. v4ink is one of the largest online retailers of compatible, inexpensive toner and ink cartridges with high qualities. The brand v4ink started from scratch in 2013, but with effort and struggle, it has expands its own online shops in many regions and save a great deal amount of expenses for home and office printer users.

V4ink InkSacs groups are one of the most worthwhile products: they include 63xl, 65xl, 67xl remanufactured ink cartridges, which 100% compatible for your printers and printing effect are as good as OEM’s. Take v4ink 67xl combo packs as an instance; you will get 1 Reusable OEM Print head (can be use together with the replacement ink cartridges up to 3 times) + 3 Black Replacement Ink Cartridges, 720 pages for $58.99. V4ink items allow you print more for less cost, reusability and less waste.

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Complete Installation Guide for HP 67xl Ink Cartridge

hp 67xl ink

67xl ink cartridges are widely used in HP printers, and offer clear black & white or vivid color printout copies for home and office. Read this guide, we will show you the ink cartridge how easy to install or replace and provide the troubleshooting.

HP 67xl Ink Specifications

HP 67XL ink cartridge has black and color, two series. 67xl black cartridge uses pigment-based ink for printing volumes of documents or photos and is dry-resistant, and its ink drop is 17.9pl. The other, 67xl color cartridges has cyan, magenta and yellow colors, and is filled in dye-based ink, which offering bright and vivid color. If you are interested in pigment-based ink and dye-based ink, welcome to jump to our article “HP 67XL Cartridge Contains Pigment Ink or Dye Ink“.

What is the lifespan of HP 67xl ink?

67xl ink is the high-yield version of HP 67 ink (Black prints 120 pages; Tri-color prints 100 pages), but 67 black high-yield ink can print up to 240 pages, and the tri-color one prints 200 pages. And the shelf life of 67xl ink is 18 months, the longest is 24 months.

How do we install HP 67xl ink?

The installation guide is suitable for the same original 67xl compatible printers:

HP Envy Printers: Pro 6430, Pro 6452, Pro 6455, Pro 6458, Pro 6464, Pro 6475 series.

HP Deskjet Printers: 1255, 2300, 2722, 2723, 2724, 2725, 2755; Plus 4122, Plus 4123, Plus 4132, Plus 4140, Plus 4152, Plus 4155 series.

hp 67xl

Simply put, it takes 3 steps to install 67xl ink cartridge, and the guide also applies to HP 67 ink.

Step 1: Remove the protective cover of the ink cartridge

Step 2: Remove the sealing tape

Step 3: Install the ink cartridge into the printer.

How to save more on HP 67xl ink?

Are you finding a cost less but excellent substitute to HP 67 high-yield cartridge? We highly recommend v4ink 67xl remanufactured ink cartridge combo pack, which has 1 Ready-to-go ink cartridge and 2 separate ink cartridge, i.e. 3 cartridges in total to reduce purchases. And the 67XL InkSac Combo prints a total of 720 pages, with clear text and vivid pictures, and the price is only $58.99

hp 67xl ink

How to replace 67xl ink cartridge?

67xl remanufactured ink has a OEM print head, which cannot be thrown away until run out of all ready-to-go ink cartridges as the 2 separate cartridges need to be assembly with the reusable print head. The operation of replacing the cartridge also only requires 3 steps:

Step 1: Press the “Push” button, take out the used ink cartridge, and keep the reusable print head.

Step 2: Put the new ink cartridge into the reusable print head (Note: Please confirm whether the chip is inserted in the correct directions)

Step 3: Install the ink cartridge into the printer.

If you want a more intuitive tutorial, please refer to the following video:

How to deal with unrecognized issue of HP 67xl ink?

When your printer cannot read 67xl ink cartridge, please check whether the chip is inserted in the correct directions, and then use an eraser to gently wipe the chip.

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HP 67XL Cartridge Contains Pigment Ink or Dye Ink

HP 67xl ink cartridges are commonly used cartridge for HP printers, and the type of ink filled in cartridges is a significant element of printing outputs. To know the types of inks contained in HP 67xl ink cartridges, you need to first understand pigment and dye ink.

hp 67xl ink

What is pigment-based ink?

Pigment ink is composed of solid particles of pigment powder, so it is relatively thick. It is difficult for sunlight to penetrate the printed matter, and it is not easy to fade. In addition, pigment-based ink is extremely suitable for printing documents and photos that need to be stored for a long time. However, because the solid particles of pigment ink have the effect of reducing stains, the printing color of the pigment ink is not bright.

What is dye-based ink?

Dye ink is made of dyes that can be dissolved in water, and synthetic chemistry, which are easily absorbed by paper to provide bright and vivid colors and clear text. However, due to water solubility of dye, dye-based ink is susceptible to stains or damaged by external influences, and is easy to fade in the sun.

Comparison of pigment ink and dye ink

After learning about pigment and dye ink, compare their characteristics in terms of light resistance, dry resistance, stain resistance, water solubility and durability based on the above introduction.

CharacteristicsComparison of pigment and dye ink
Light resistancePigment ink > dye ink
Dry resistancePigment ink > dye ink
Stain resistancePigment ink > dye ink
Water solubilityPigment ink < dye ink
DurabilityPigment ink > dye ink

Although light resistance, dry resistance, stain resistance and durability of pigment ink are better than dye ink, dye-based ink can create clearer text and more vivid colors due to its water solubility.

Is HP 67XL pigment ink or dye ink?

HP 67xl has black cartridge containing pigment-based ink, and tri-color cartridge containing dye-based ink. 67xl Black cartridge normally is used to print number of documents, and quick-drying pigment-based ink can meet this demand; A 67xl tri-color cartridge is required to print bright and vibrant color, so dye-based ink helps to achieve this.

HP 67XL High Yield Black Original Ink Cartridge (3YM57AN#140)

Color: Black

Ink type: Pigment based

HP 67XL High Yield Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge (3YM58AN#140)

Color: Tri-color: Cyan Magenta Yellow

Ink type: Dye based

What is the best remanufactured 67xl ink cartridge?

There are thousands of remanufactured 67xl cartridges on the market, but it is hard to find a spend less and perform well one. V4ink remanufactured 67xl ink cartridges meet the conditions. The v4ink 67xl cartridges are filled in high-quality and OEM standard pigment ink and dye ink, making smoothly print sharp texts and vibrant color printouts.

How to installed 67xl pigment-based and dye-based ink cartridge?

Here, we take the v4ink brand as an example to teach you step by step how to install the 67xl ink cartridge into a compatible printer.

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HP 67 Ink Cartridge VS HP 67XL Ink Cartridge

HP 67xl ink cartridge

HP 67 series ink cartridges have standard and high yield, namely HP 67 ink cartridge and HP 67xl ink cartridges. In this guide, we will tell you what the difference between them and analyze to find out which is more cost-effective.

What do HP 67 and 67xl ink in common?

HP 67 ink and HP 67xl are same size and are compatible with same HP Envy and Deskjet printer models.

HP Envy Printers: Pro 6430, Pro 6452, Pro 6455, Pro 6458, Pro 6464, Pro 6475

HP Deskjet Printers: 1255, 2300, 2722, 2723, 2724, 2725, 2755; Plus 4122, Plus 4123, Plus 4132, Plus 4140, Plus 4152, Plus 4155.

What are the differences between HP 67 and 67xl ink?

In the 67 series ink cartridges, “XL” means that the ink volume of ink cartridge is more, that is, HP 67xl has more ink, so that a 67xl ink cartridge can print more than a 67 ink cartridge. This is also why the price of HP 67xl cartridge is higher than that of HP 67 cartridge. And HP ink cartridges are available in a black and tri-color version.

HP 67 Black Series Ink CartridgesPage YieldPrice
HP 67 Black ink120$15.99
HP 67xl Black ink240$23.99
HP 67 Tri-color Series Ink CartridgesPage YieldPrice
HP 67 Tri-color ink100$16.99
HP 67xl Tri-color ink200$24.99

HP 67 VS HP 67XL: which one cost less?

Since the price and page yield of HP 67 ink cartridge and 67 XL ink cartridge are different, it is hard to determine which one is cost less to buy. But we can calculate the cost per page according to the formula “Price / Page Yield = Cost Per Page” to find the cheaper one.

HP 67 Black Series Cartridge:

HP 67 ink: $15.99/120 = $0.13 per page

HP 67xl ink: $23.99/240 = $0.10 per page

HP 67 Tri-Color Series Cartridge:

HP 67 ink: $16.99/100 = $0.17 per page

HP 67xl ink: $24.99/200 = $0.12 per page

From the results, although the price of 67xl ink cartridge is higher, 67xl cartridges are actually cheaper than 67 cartridges.

What is the most cost-effective alternative to 67xl ink cartridge?

V4ink Inksacs HP 67XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 3 piece combo pack, which also has black and tri-color version, is the most cost-effective alternative. The v4ink Inksacs HP 67XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 3 piece combo pack includes 1 Ready-to-go ink cartridge (1 OEM print head + 1 Replacement ink cartridge) and 2 separate replacement ink cartridges.

67xl ink cartridge

The OEM print head can be used three times, so the black combo pack can print 720 pages in total (240 pages per cartridge) at the price of $58.99, and the color combo pack can print 900 pages in total (300 pages per cartridge) at the price of $58.99.

Cost per page of v4ink Inksacs HP 67XL Black combo pack:

$58.99/720 = $0.082 per page

Cost per page of v4ink Inksacs HP  67XL Color Ink Cartridge combo pack:

$58.99/900 = $0.066 per page

Cost per page of HP 67xl and v4ink 67xl ink cartridges:

HP 67xl ink

Through the above analysis, it can be concluded that the v4ink HP 67XL remanufactured ink cartridge 3 piece combo pack can print more and cost less, and is the most cost-effective.

Does v4ink 67xl cartridge have the print quality of HP 67xl cartridge?

The v4ink Inksacs HP 67XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge 3 piece combo pack is one of the most popular v4ink Inksacs Group. It uses the OEM print head, can print high-quality printouts, and is compatible with the same printers as HP ink cartridge, ensuring that consumers can use them with confidence.

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