Original and Compatible Toner Cartridge, How Should I Choose?

The Quality of Compatible Toner Cartridges and  Original Toner cartridges

In terms of quality, is the most concerned about the customer, of course, here also contains the brand on the market now compatible with the quality of the reasons for the quality of Toner cartridges, so that part of the user in the first use of the quality of the ink cartridge after the compatibility Lost confidence. However, from some large compatible ink cartridges business comparison, they will often use the original print cartridge quality to match their own cartridges to do comparative testing, and one thing to note is that manufacturers of the standard, must be more than the user The use of the standard to be high, so good compatible Toner cartridges must be able to meet the requirements of the user’s use; this is no doubt.

After using a compatible Toner cartridge, the printer does not warranty

In many users, this problem does prevent them from buying cartridges, but in my opinion, this is not a problem, try to think about how much the printer bought back, how much money to buy the original Toner cartridges and buy the printer is Will send a set of Toner cartridges, standing in the user’s point of view, send this set of cartridges can be used to detect the quality of the printer, if the use of this cartridge in the printer on the problem, If this cartridge is used, I do not think you need to buy original Toner cartridges, why? Because buy a set of Toner cartridges or buy two sets of Toner cartridges, the equivalent of a printer, so why care about whether the warranty problem? We want to warranty, in order to save money, after all, a high value of things to buy another will spend more money, but the printer is not the case, the cost of follow-up supplies than the printer itself is much higher value, so the warranty for the printer The user is just a tasteless.

So, in the end is to choose compatible Toner cartridges, or the original cartridge is good, the following we will come for you one by one.

Image-based business users

This includes engaged in various types of advertising design, art design, digital photo printing and other professional users. Because of their own industry needs, such a class with great emphasis on print system, the performance of the color requirements are very high. So I believe that such users should not use the original cost of supplies, and should be with the printer is a brand, after all, the manufacturers of Toner production processes are not the same, well-known brands of products can often be a good match. Remember, quality is the first!

To the output of the main business users

Although the same as business users, but this category is obviously a different category. The output of the document-based business users focus on the number of print quality, print quality generally only requires clarity. So the choice of supplies should be based on economic and durable, which is very suitable for Toner cartridges. There may be a lot of people still compatible with the cartridge is still prejudiced, in fact, compatible with Toner cartridges after years of development of production technology has been relatively perfect, some brands of Toner production process and even reached the international level. Of course, after all, is the minority, most of the quality of compatible cartridges with the original cartridge is still a long distance, but the performance of the document output is Zhuo Zhuo more than let it price advantage is the original cartridge unmatched.

Personal office and small working group users

Such users daily print jobs will generally involve images and documents, and the requirements for image printing, although not as high as professional users, but still have better quality. But the original Toner cartridges for such users is too expensive, so may wish to use high-quality compatible Toner cartridges. As mentioned above, there are already domestic manufacturers in the Toner manufacturing process can match with foreign brands, such as the original color technology “carbon zero” technology, the print effect will never be less than the original Toner cartridges, the price is much cheaper, to achieve a win-win price The situation.

General home users

This type of user is characterized by relatively low printing requirements, the vast majority of only occasionally print. They generally choose the entry-level printer, and manufacturers of these printers are generally designed to use Toner cartridges and Toner head integration, so there are two bad: first, when a color will have to run out; Second, with the Toner head to increase the cost of replacement. So often a lot of people complain that this type of printer is affordable but you can not afford, and even you will think that to buy a new machine is more cost-effective than the replacement of Toner cartridges, this time compatible cartridges is undoubtedly the best choice for the average home users. In fact, we can also try to choose the way of refilling, both to prevent only a single color run out of waste, but also a great savings in cost. In case of clogging nozzle how to do that time when it is not too late for the right time, any time for the Toner cartridges at the same time also replaced the Toner head. Moreover, the probability of plugging although there is, but not as serious as imagined. As for the print quality after the Toner, or can be pleasant to accept. General home users is the most out of the original Toner cartridges superstitious consumers, of course, if you do not care that little money that is another matter, after all, the quality of the original cartridge has a great guarantee that people can be more at ease.

15 thoughts on “Original and Compatible Toner Cartridge, How Should I Choose?”

  1. I have purchased toner through this company for quite sometime now. I have absolutely no problems with their toner cartridges. I can not say this about others. This is a perfect place to purchase aftermarket toner cartridges, saving money and time. I would highly recommend this company to purchase.

  2. The toners I ordered were delivered one day before schedule. I just started using one of the toners and so far no leakage and the print is excellent! I am very pleased with my experience ordering from V4INK. I will do business with them again. Thank You!!!

  3. We’ve been very satisfied with using the compatible ink cartridges for our Cannon laser jet printer. The quality is good and the cost is excellent. Our printer “error” shows a non-Cannon cartridge is being used, but it doesn’t cause any problems. We recommend the product to others with confidence. Also, the single time I did need to contact service, the help was swift and useful.

  4. love the new toner I got great quality and great company, got it very fast and efficient. Thankyou for the prompt attention. My printer is back up and running.

  5. I ordered a cartridge and got a note telling me to go to this site and get a discount coupon. Cannot find. Please advise. I need more cartridges.

  6. Usually, and most of the time your product is very good except last one
    Just a few days ago I used and now not working-not printing now I have to changed to new product and it is working now I like you brand and product orherwise
    Thank you

  7. In our work for a non-profit organization, we print a huge number of brochures for our consumers. Thanks to v4ink, we can better afford to do so.

  8. I have used other on-line ink toners but these are by far superior. I was happily surprised with the number of copies I was able to get from a cartridge. The quality is great also. Lastly, the price for not just one but two was such a bargain! I will definitely use this company for all my toner needs. My printer is a Brother.

  9. I have been purchasing V4INK laser printer cartridges since I first purchased the printer. I have NEVER had any problems, and the print quality is unmatched. I have saved a lot of money without sacrificing anything.

  10. I order a lot of toner cartridges for my company and this was a great one! Is there a discount coupon that I can locate so I can place a new order?

    1. Now that register at V4ink official website member, you would get $50-$10 discount by using the code: WEZENJAK. In addition, we having a back to school promotion now. Use the coupon code: V4SCHOOL get 10% off discount. Coupon codes can only be used one at a time. https://www.v4ink.com/

  11. I have ordered many replacement cartridges and drums from this company and have had no problems at all with them. The print quality is comparable to the original Brother cartridges and the printers don’t squawk about non-Brother printers. I will continue to order from them in the future.

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