Name Brand vs. Third-party Printer Ink Cartridges

In the latest annual printer survey of consumer report, 37% of respondents said they had tried third-party printer ink cartridges, which are much cheaper than name brand products. Yes, price advantage has become the main reason for consumers to turn to the third-party printer ink cartridges.

If you’re a long-term printer user, you’ll be sure to know that there are OEM, remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges options available. Remanufactured and compatible options also call third-party printer cartridge, which price is much lower than that of OEM.

Before comparing them, let’s get to know them first:

Name Brand (OEM) Ink Cartridges

The ink cartridge which produced by the printer brand manufacturer (original equipment manufacturer) call OEM ink cartridge. They contain all of the brand’s proprietary technology and are less likely to be rejected by the printer than third-party printers. You don’t have to worry about firmware updates making them useless as they have warranty policy .

Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Remanufacturing ink cartridge is an empty original ink cartridges that recycled by the third-party manufacturer. They usually use the original manufacturer’s cartridge shells, then thoroughly cleaned, filled with third-party materials, through rigorously tested and resold at discounted prices.

Because the remanufactured ink cartridge uses the shell of the original product, the appearance of the remanufactured ink cartridge is almost the same as that of the original product, which can effectively avoid the problems in the installation.

Because remanufactured ink cartridge relies on recycling original ink cartridge, it needs to wait for enough empty ink cartridge to be renovated, which is easy to be out of stock in a period of time. Remanufactured ink cartridge is equivalent to reusing ink cartridge. To a certain extent, it is more environment-friendly.

Furthermore, there is an innovative remanufactured product from v4ink. v4ink InkSacs Remanufactured HP 67XL Combo pack contain one OEM print head and three replacement ink cartridges. The print head is recycle by the OEM products, but the replacement ink cartridges are produced by v4ink. Each print head can be reuse up to 3 times with the new replacement ink cartridge. This innovative product is more environmental-friendly than the traditional remanufactured ink cartridge, because its print head can be reused three times, and it can effectively alleviate the problem of not enough empty OEM products.

v4ink InkSacs Remanufactured HP 67XL Ink Cartridge Combo Pack

Compatible Ink Cartridges

Compatible ink cartridges are made by third-party manufacturers (non printer brand manufacturers). They usually provide more ink, but they are much cheaper.

The biggest difference between compatible ink cartridge and remanufactured ink cartridge is that compatible ink cartridge is brand new, while remanufactured ink cartridge is a renovated old ink cartridge. Therefore, compatible ink cartridge are completely different to the original product in technology and internal structure. In addition, In order to avoid infringement of patent design, some compatible products may have some subtle design differences. For example, the shape of ink cartridge may look different, but they can install to your printer properly and also provide excellent printing effect.

In November 2020, HP upgraded the firmware of HP 902 series printers, resulting in the old version of the original ink cartridge and third-party ink cartridge can not be used. In spite of this, v4ink produced the up-to-date version of the chip in time, so that the products can still be applied to the latest version of the printer equipment to meet the market demand, and effectively avoid losses.

v4ink Compatible HP 902XL Ink Cartridge 4 Piece Combo Pack

Whats the difference between Name Brand and Third-party Ink Cartridges


Most inkjet printers are sold based on the business model of “razor / razor blade”. The ink cartridges provided by original manufacturers are often more expensive, which provides a stable source of income for manufacturers.

The price of compatible ink cartridge and remanufactured ink cartridges are usually more than 50% lower than that of name brand ink cartridge of the same printer.

Page Yield

The page yield of the printer with compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges will be the same as or even higher than the original. Therefore, the third-party ink cartridge is more cost-effective.

Printing effect

For many people, the low price of the third-party ink cartridge means that the printing effect is relatively poor. In fact, this is not the case. The reputable third-party ink cartridge supplier can not only provide 50% lower price than the original, but also the printing effect can be comparable with the original. V4ink carries out strict quality and reliability tests on all its compatible ink cartridges to ensure that users can get the same or even better printing effect than the original products. All of v4ink’s remanufactured ink cartridges products meet the ISO / IEC 24711 standard, and the ink cartridge is filled to the ink level recommended by the factory to match the page yield quoted by the manufacturer.

Installation method

Although the appearance design and internal structure of the compatible ink cartridge may be different from the original ink cartridge, please rest assured that the general installation method of the compatible ink cartridge and the original ink cartridge is exactly the same, which can basically and perfectly match your printer equipment. The remanufactured ink cartridge uses the same shell as the original ink cartridge, so it will hardly encounter any problems in the installation process.

Remember that the compatible ink cartridge is designed to work with your printer. Sometimes, you may encounter some unsuccessful installation situations, maybe you don’t install the product to the corresponding card slot, or you don’t noticed some small details when installing, sometimes as long as you move a little and push a little, you can successfully install.

Use method

The use method of the compatible and remenufactured ink cartridges are extremely the same as the original ink cartridges. The only difference is that when you use the compatible or remenufactured ink cartridges, your printer may display error messages, like ”non-HP”. The simplest solution is to ignore or skip this step to enter normal printing.

5 reasons for choosing v4ink compatible / remanufactured ink cartridges

  • Print more and cost less – v4ink can provide you the same page yield of the original products and save you up to 70% of the original brand price.
  • Reliable printing results – Sharp text, bold blacks and crisp graphics.
  • Perfect partner with your printer – Easy to be installed and recognized.
  • Eco-friendly Design to Save the Earth – Eco-friendly design of the v4ink product are designed with less waste rate.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – If you find the quality of our products unsatisfactory, we will replace your ink cartridge or refund you during the warranty period.

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