Most Practical MFP M180nw with HP 204A(CF510A) for Individuals and Small Business!

HP MFP M180nw toner

The biggest benefits to small enterprise and home office have come!  The latest issued MFP M180nw and its high-tech toner-cf510a is thoroughly tailor-made for the individuals or small work teams who are longed for the excellent performance, abundant function and cost-effect printer consumables. Hurry up to follow with our footsteps and look at how powerful the MFP M180nw is it!

Wireless capabilities for installing more intelligently

Not unlike other printers, the wireless function is the most popular by people for makes the printer stand out from the rest and omits the messy operations. The installation of high-end MFP M180nw is more easily connects to WIFI even though you are a novice and have no ideals how to start up. The few pages quick set up guide can help you quickly finish the operation. Furthermore, you are able to figure out how to use the input panel on the printer itself to make it discoverable by WIFI and also know how it connects to WIFI network on our own way. Just send an order in your smartphone or the iPad, you can easily control your printer when to start working!

Lightning print speed for helping to work efficiently

When you see the word “lightning” you can imagine how amazing we feel about it when we use it for the first time. We can bet that the latest printer is printing much faster than other printers! Maybe you don’t approve this saying, but as long as you use the MFP M180nw, you will be impressed by the amazing printing speed! And you will never anxious about the printer will delay your work, instead, all your printed materials can be finish in a few minutes that highly improve your work efficiency and save more time for you to do other things.

New generation toner for best print

HP 204A CF510A

You may be unfamiliar with the newest printer consumables-CF510A, which is known for HP 204A, but the old version- cf410a you may be admired of how excellent it is. But the new cf510a toner will extremely realize your print requirements like print possible pages that beyond your imagines. Printing the first-class logos and banners for business within shortest minutes let alone common clear photos and details photography, HP 204A (CF510A) is able to bring the best performance without any glimmer of error for working. Print full 1,000 pages, the all-purpose HP 204A(CF510A) comes with less waste toner and constantly output the outstanding printed contents never inferior than the old generation toner. It is the latest product that makes the printer powerful and work more efficiently.

More compact structures and Multi-functions for use conveniently

If you are in favor of the compact designs of the printers, this printer you should not be missed. Owing to its humanistic structures, this printer doesn’t take up too much space which brings more conveniences of saving more rooms and cost for you. In addition to the nice designs, more function makes it unbeatable assistant for small business and service team. Besides printing, you can scan the files, copy and fax the materials at any time no matter where the place you are! What’s more, using MFP M180nw, there is no necessary for you to look forward to dealing with those dry ink cartridges that can only last for a while.

As the most practical laser printer, HP MFP M180nw printer is solid choice for small business and family use. If you want to find more affordable consumptive material- cf510a toner for your printer in the later use, please don’t forget to come to pay attention to the latest news of the product on our official website. All our printer consumables come with professional considerate after-sales service, and as we insist to do to provide you with the brilliant print results.

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