How to save the empty cartridges ?

As we all know, cartridges are an indispensable part of printer. And the cost of cartridges is not cheap for large use of it. So we need make sure each cartridge is used out and not waste. But many people not use the printer so often, so need to save the empty cartridges.

Some users to buy the black jet printer is only used as the output of the photo, but the use of frequency is not high, the machine is often in idle state, if not sealed ink cartridge nozzle, it will dry . Although there are ink cartridges on the market, but not easy to buy, even if there is also sent with the original ink, but cf217a toner cartridge do not. In order to save the toner cartridges, many users began to manually store their own cartridges, the following describes one preservation method is more commonly used users.

Method Preparation: A plastic or aluminum box with a lid (can not use a tin box or carton, because the carton is easy to rot, the iron is easy to rust), the size of the ink cartridge to prevail; some boxes With a high density sponge, it is best not to use ordinary sponge, because the ordinary sponge is too fluffy; double-sided adhesive. Steps: 1, the cartridge put the box to try. Look at the gap left around how much, and then according to the gap to the foam cut into the appropriate size, until the cartridge can be found with their own box filled with empty space on the line. 2, according to the size of the bottom of the box to cut the high density sponge. Size to fit the size of the entire box as the standard or according to the size of the print head cut a high-density sponge down, the size to cover the entire print head and slightly better than well. The foam and high-density sponge after a good glue with them in the box inside, if the high-density sponge is cut according to the size of the print head, but also according to the print head in the box placed in the location of the sponge sticky The 4, in the box on the lid is also stick a piece of foam, the thickness of the cartridge to a little pressure to a little better. This will keep the print head and sponge sealing effect. 5, put the cartridge into the box, and then cover the lid, and then placed in a cool place. In general, this method can be used to open the ink cartridges stored for one year or so. Because the high density sponge will absorb a little ink, so you can keep the print head or ink jet mouth moist, then a long time the print head or ink jet mouth will not dry up. The cartridge cartridge made by this method is suitable for any kind of printer cartridge on the market.

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