How To Save Money From An All-in-one Home Printer

What are the functions do you need from a printer? An all in one printer could includes different functions and features due to different printing demands. The only answer I can tell is you’d better choose a small size one, like the one below:

brother all-in-one printer

Why? Because it saves room and is easy to move when it needs cleansing and maintenance. In addition, getting a laserjet or an inkjet printer, depends on what you need. Usually laser printer for more text documents demands and inkjet printer for more images and pictures demands.

As for the latter part of your question, I think there are so many generic brands selling affordable printer consumables. Without regard to cost, genuine printer consumables are the best choice for your printers and print quality. When cost needs to be taken into consideration, things are different. As we all know, genuine consumables are so expensive that the cost far exceeds the printer itself and we have to turn to the generics.

Whether on earth generic printer consumables do damage to the printer? Years ago generic printer consumables worked bad as I had used cheap ink to refill the cartridges and destroyed my printer about long long time ago. But with years passed away, printer consumables are not as bad as that time any more. Why? Because ink and toner cartridges don’t have much tech at all and are easy to imitate. Then many manufacturers exist and are able to produce toner cartridges that work almost as well as the OEMs. Always you can’t tell the differences between the two ones on condition that you use reliable generic brands’.

However, does original ink never damage the printer or generic ink surely destroy once use? In short, if an OEM ink keep your printer head work for 5 years, then a generic one makes it 2–3 years. The situation is better when it comes to toner cartridges.

Since I major in marketing and so are sensitive to cost and profits. When you do a simple calculation of how much you will pay for 5 years or 3 years of OEM ink, are you still concerned about OEM consumables? Well, you will easily find out your printer consumables cost are much higher than your printer, especially it’s for business. If I were you, I will let it go damage. But what I have to say is the old buddy in my office now is still working well with applying generic toner cartridges and needs seldom cleansing and maintenance for over 2 years. Everything’s worthy.

At last, take it easy to use generic printer compatible toner cartridges for your printer.

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