How to install HP 962xl ink cartridge

hp 962xl ink

HP 962 or 962 high-yield ink cartridge works well on specific HP OfficeJet printers, delivering high performance printouts for your business. In this guide, we illustrate how to install HP 962 or 962xl cartridges and introduce the cartridge information, which are helpful to a starter.

HP 962/962XL Ink Cartridge at a Glance

There are two cartridges option available for your printer, HP 962 standard yield ink cartridge and HP 962xl high-yield ink cartridge, which are the same size and are installed into the same printer in the same way. 962 and 962xl high-yield cartridges are compatible with HP OfficeJet Pro 9010, 9012, 9014, 9015, 9016, 9018, 9020, 9025, 9026, 9027, 9028, 9029, 902X All-in-One printers.

But HP 962xl cartridge contains more ink and prints more pages. In addition to black, HP 962 or 962xl is available in three colors: Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow, which are the same page yields.

HP 962 Black Ink Cartridges

Page Yield: 1000 pages

HP 962 Magenta/Cyan/Yellow Ink Cartridges

Page Yield: 700 pages

HP 962XL High Yield Black Ink Cartridges

Page Yield: 2000 pages

HP 962XL High Yield Magenta/Cyan/Yellow Ink Cartridges

Page Yield: 1600 pages

Specification of HP 962XL high-yield Black ink cartridge

Print ColorBlack
Page Yield2000 pages based on 5% coverage
Ink TypePigment based
Operating Temperature41 to 95°F
Storage Temperature-40 to 140°F
Operating humidity10 to 90% RH
Storage humidity10 to 90% RH

How to install the new 962xl cartridge?

When should the cartridge to be replaced? When the printer displays the low ink alert, you should prepare new 962xl cartridges for installation. And it is easy to install the 962XL ink:

Step 1: Open the printer cover and wait until the cartridge stop moving.

Step 2: Press the empty cartridges to release it, and then remove it.

Step 3: Install the new cartridge into the slot corresponding the color, and close the door.

Alternatively, please watch the video for a visual installation guide.

How to save on HP 962xl cartridge?

Compared to the original 962 ink, the 962xl is more expensive because it can print more pages. But is it really so? Let’s calculate the price per page for the black cartridges to get the answer.

HP 962 standard yield black cartridge cost per page:

$32.99 / 1000 pages = 3.3 cents

HP 962XL high yield black cartridge cost per page:

$44.99 / 2000 pages = 2.2 cents

Actually, it is cheaper to purchase 962xl cartridge, which even contains more ink.

However, $44.99 for a frequently-replaced ink cartridge is still an unaffordable price. To save even more money, you can purchase v4ink Remanufactured HP 962XL High Yield Ink Cartridge. The 962xl remanufactured cartridge by v4ink delivers the same page yields at a super lower price: 1 pack of v4ink black 962xl cartridge is for $24.59. And the remanufactured cartridge is professionally manufactured using an OEM cartridge shell and a brand new chip, so v4ink 962xl will be the perfect partner with your printer.

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